Wednesday, November 30, 2016

KPRC 2 launches new graphics package 2016

KPRC 2 has launched a new graphics package with a refresh of lower thirds, full screens, weather...etc. Here is a quick rundown of the new look.

The last time I published about KPRC getting a new graphics package was back in 2011, but I'm pretty sure they had some changes after that.

My question is, what will happen to KPRC's newscasts when it moves to its new building next year? Will they move the current set or debut a new one? Will these graphics remain? Stay tuned.

- Houston TV station graphics launches through the years
KPRC 2 launches new set for 2013

 photo kprcgraphics2016_2_zpsgyhbzq86.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_10_zpsvrzmrjp7.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_8_zpsrahqd378.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_4_zpsr2ovj1fa.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_9_zpsrye7wrfm.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_1_zps1ms75hqh.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_7_zpsql1myuhc.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_5_zpscrkftosv.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_6_zpsrsiacd0q.jpg

 photo kprcgraphics2016_3_zpshi2giy6y.jpg


  1. Stay Tuned! It will be exciting when we move. . .

  2. They still suck. Just more opportunities for them to have more misspelled words.

  3. Hopefully this new graphics package debuts on its other stations in the new year. KSAT, WKMG, WDIV, WJXT, and WSLS.

    Since WPLG is no longer a Graham Media Group property, I would anticipate them being excluded. Better idea for WPLG, IMO, would be for the South Florida ABC affiliate to dump its "Local 10" name, and bring back "Eyewitness News".

    With Graham investing in set redesigns for San Antonio and Orlando, hopefully Graham has plans for redesign for Jacksonville next year. Don't know whether KPRC will get a new set when their new broadcast home debuts, or move their almost 4-year-old set into the new building. Detroit, I could see "Local 4" name being phased out, for either "WDIV 4" or "News 4: Working For You" (similar to WKMG "News 6: Getting Results" name).

    1. KPRC will be moving the current set over to the new building. It is scheduled to be moved in sections over a 5 day period.

  4. Unfortunately their crawl covered the clock. Hopefully they'll get that fixed

  5. Reyna is turning into a bowling pin before our eyes!

  6. Three minutes into today's news at 11, Reyna lowers the bar and brought the lunch room to laughter. Discussing a homicide, they split screen to toss to Rusty Rasta. Police vehicles are all over the screen as they talk. Then Rhodes Scholar Reyna asks "are police still on the scene?"
    It's stunning she has not won an Emmys. Maybe Michael Scott will give her a Dundie to reward her, um, skills.


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