Wednesday, January 27, 2016

KPRC 2 new studio construction begins

- New KPRC building moves channel 2 into 21st century
- Full coverage of new KPRC 2 building 2017

KPRC 2 announced a new building last year and starts construction in early 2016

 photo kprc_building_construction2016_zpsu9bbj0zl.jpg

Last week when I wrote about KPRC 2 is hiring for a new daily lifestyle and entertainment show, we learned from the job description that the Houston NBC affiliate is moving ahead with building a new station which I first blogged about last year.

Naturally I couldn't resist and had to find out more. As you can tell from the above photo, I even stopped by yesterday to see the early stages of construction for myself. It looks like the new station is being built on the former employee parking lot. So I guess the new parking lot will be where the current building is now. And I don't even have an engineering degree. Employees must be parking off site.

KDC, the commercial real estate developer behind the project, says the new 65,000 square foot station will take 19 months to build. A company called Corgan did the architecture work and DPR Construction is doing the building.

 photo KPRC_rendering_zpsckzmbqb5.jpg
Credit: KDC

KPRC's parent company, Graham Media Group, seems to have made a wise decision in hiring these companies since all have expertise in building for media entities. Turns out KDC and Corgan were behind the brand new KXAS NBC 5 building in Fort Worth which has garnered lots of praise.

In the following video, you can see first hand how KXAS' new digs turned out. Pretty nice. Read more about KXAS' building here and here. For those keeping score, Corgan also did the new Hobby Airport expansion which looks really nice if you haven't seen it.

Meanwhile DPR built offices for The Weather Channel and Pixar.

If you are really a media geek, then you can join me by checking in on the KPRC construction webcam.

To attract top talent, you better go big or go home if your station is not located in upscale West U or near downtown.

- New KPRC building moves channel 2 into 21st century
- Full coverage of new KPRC 2 building 2017


  1. The rendering of the new KPRC facility looks nice... assuming that the new state-of-the-art facility will look like the image above. Hopefully the newsroom will have windows. As for the studio that'll house newscast and local programming productions, it'll remain to be seen if the current KPRC set will be moved into the new building, or if well see something new... and the current set either donated to a local HS journalism program... or be sent to another station (another Graham Media Group receiving it, and making changes to it for their respective market/station, if KSAT or WJXT needs a new set in the next 2 years... or the set be sold to a mid-sized to smaller market station not owned by Graham, and changes made to it for their respective market/station) as a hand-me-down. It's a thought.

  2. I wonder if they are keeping the tower out front?

    1. Yes! Tower stays it will be refinished to match the building.

  3. I attended a birthday celebration at College Park Baptist Church last week and saw a sign in their east lot for KPRC parking. Now I understand why.


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