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Monday, July 25, 2016

Kevin Reece leaves KHOU 11 for WFAA 8

KHOU 11 reporter Kevin Reece leaves for WFAA 8 in Dallas-Fort Worth

Kevin Reece

UPDATE 7/26/2016
WFAA 8 news director Carolyn Mungo tells me that Kevin Reese will report on many subjects.

We have a Houston television reporter heading up north...well North Texas that is. Uncle Barky up in Big D says award winning KHOU 11 reporter Kevin Reece is heading up to WFAA 8...possibly as a feature reporter:

Kevin Reece, a multi-award-winning feature reporter who has spent the last nine years with Houston’s KHOU-TV, is changing Texas venues and will be joining Dallas-based TEGNA8 (WFAA), sources tell

Reece, who last year won Lone Star Emmys as both the state’s best feature reporter (his fifth such award) and video journalist, will fill the slot vacated by video journalist/feature reporter Mike Castellucci. READ MORE

WFAA is KHOU's TEGNA sister station.

When I searched Reece's name in my blog, the only posts that come up were concerning him winning an award.

- Sonia Azad joins WFAA 8 after KTRK abc13
- Demond Fernandez moves to WFAA from KTRK abc13


  1. More people will follow to Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex!

  2. Is this like a lateral transfer?

  3. Why are all the good ones leaving. I loved his reporting and more. I know Tegna is moving people all around but when he covered a story.

    Wish him luck in Dallas.

    Still have not heard if Mario Gomez is still stepping away from Station either as was reported some time back.

    Probably why too with Kevin leaving seeing more and more of Jacqueline Correa or such with KHOU

    Or just moving older ones out and bringing in a younger crowd to station

  4. Anon: Or maybe another theory could be that he didn't want anything to do with the new ND dictator running KHOU-TV into a dictatorship & bailed.

    The big question is whether Lily Jang follows suit & moves to Dallas!

  5. Yeah think you are right perhaps is changes with KHOU causing the move.

    I wonder too how long the anchor changes will last. I saw Len off today at 4 at KHOU and it was said he would be doing 10 pm with Mia but guess they changed that or Greg didn't want to give up spot.

    Myself not crazy with all these changes.

    Maybe they could have left Lisa in evenings and perhaps had Mia at 4 and Rekha with Russ perhaps if were going to change morning times.

    But again do wish Kevin well. Loved his stories. Will be hard not seeing the great stories he always seems to do. And if Lily follows suit when her contract is up whenever that is more power to her too.

    Wonder what the next media drop will be.

  6. Yet the bucktoothed bleached blonde gets to stay and be the worst meteorologist in town? Laughable.

  7. So a few things should be said. The move to WFAA is a personal choice, searching for new opportunities, new challenges, and a new venue in the town I called home as a kid. The new KHOU News Director is awesome - blessed with the intelligence and enthusiasm to do great things at KHOU, which I know she will. That's what makes the unexpected timing of my departure difficult. I wish all of my friends and family at KHOU nothing but the best. They have great days ahead. - Kevin Reece

  8. Quality 11 staff jumping off a sinking ship. KHOU is in trouble last in the market ratings wise even behind Spanish stations


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