Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mungo to WFAA, where is KHOU's Triarsi? and Muddaraj pregnant

Bonjour. I literally got off an 11 hour flight from Paris, France yesterday at 2pm and was already getting tips on Carolyn Mungo's new job as WFAA news director (more on that below). I'll have some videos and photos of my trip in the coming weeks by the way.

It seems like returning to America was like returning to a new world when it concerns TV stations. I normally like to call TV stations The Fortresses of Solitude, because much like Superman's getaway, info from the inside can hardly penetrate the outside walls. Meaning, without third party blogs, we never know who is coming and going as far as personnel.

But suddenly since I announce I'm slowing down this blog, I'm noticing that a bunch of stations have posted internal news on their own websites. It's like a major awakening has happened where TV stations realize they have websites where they can control their own messages, cutting out middlemen like myself.

Just last week I posted Fox 26 KRIV assistant ND Carolyn Mungo leaves station. Now reports that Carolyn Mungo has been named executive news director at WFAA channel 8 in Dallas. READ MORE

Next is reporting that new KHOU 11 weekend anchor Rekha Muddaraj is pregnant. READ MORE

Finally is reporting that Dan Robbins is taking over as vice president and general manager of KIII-TV and new sister channel ME-TV. READ MORE

TV stations have no problem telling other people's business everyday, but they don't like looking inward for stories. The lack of transparency is why it is important there are blogs out there talking about these businesses who use our public airwaves. Remember, TV stations don't own the channel they broadcast on. This semi-openness is a step in the right direction for media outlets.

However, as one reader pointed out to me, where is reporter Allison Triarsi on KHOU 11's bios page? Guess we won't see a article on that.

I hear that Allison Triarsi just had a second child and is joining my world of stay at home parenting. She is also starting a business with her husband. Congrats to them.
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