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Rock 101 KLOL archives + more to launch on Radio Brave

Talk is Cheap. Finally. Doug Harris Launches Radio Brave Online

Stevens and Pruett 101 KLOL audio clips online + podcast

You heard it here first (well pretty much everything Houston media related is seen here before anyone else has it), but this time, I'll be the first to tell you about a new project from former Rock 101 KLOL visionaries.

Former KLOL promotions director/marketing genius Doug Harris and KLOL creator Pat Fant have teamed up again to launch Radio Brave this week. You can read more about it in the release below.

KLOL fans take note, Harris and Fant are looking back on the legendary station plus playing old clips on The Runaway Radio Hour: The Story and Glory of KLOL which will be exclusive to

Since I'm working on a documentary about KLOL, I will host the first edition of the show where I will be interviewing the names you know and love from the former Texas Rock N' Roll Authority. Watch out for that soon.

By the way, this past weekend I showed an early Rock 101 KLOL documentary trailer cut to a bunch of the station's former staff and they seemed to like it!

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Here is the release:

Music and Talk Platform Offers Accessibility, Affordability to Specialty Broadcasters

HOUSTON, TX—May 2, 2016-- Broadcast industry veteran Doug Harris will introduce Radio Brave to digital audiences on May 4, 2016, with an invitation to responsible parties with something interesting to say—and a checkbook-- to jump on board. Calling on the expertise of his former KLOL and KTBZ colleagues Pat Fant and Cruze through their Houston-based RFC Media, Harris will offer an appealing mix of music and lifestyle-related talk accessible worldwide on and TuneIn.

“Across the country, the weekend lineup of countless AMs, and an appreciable number of FMs, is filled with content from experts and entrepreneurs who are paying for that time,” observes Harris. “Radio Brave will offer business category exclusivity, multiple fixed-position listening episodes throughout the week, and an hour of music between shows. That means no back-to- back messages on the same station from people who are unquestionably competitors.”

A further delineation for Radio Brave will be the absence of infomercials, extended non-English language programming, and overtly political content.

“It’s likely that people will tune-in for a specific show,” Harris explains, “then stick around to discover additional favorites. Our ‘Mind+Music’ descriptor says it all.”

The list of specialty broadcasters who will be on board for Radio Brave’s first day include:
*The Houston Film Critics Society’s production of The Critics Circle
*Joyride, with the Metaphysical Moms Tiffanie Williams and Kerry Walker
*Energy Recon, with energy analyst Alan Lammey
*Culinary Adventure, hosted by food and wine expert John Demers

In the coming weeks, Radio Brave will welcome Big Ideas for Small Business, It’s All Greek to Me, and The Flower Power Hour.

Also in the works is a special treat for fans of Houston’s legendary AOR KLOL-FM, where Fant and Harris first collaborated. Its working title is The Runaway Radio Hour: The Story and Glory of KLOL.

“We’re taking hours and hours of archived audio from KLOL’s heyday, mixing it with current interviews with the folks who made it happen, and turning it into a one hour weekly show,” explains Fant. “This is catnip to Houstonians who haven’t heard Stevens
and Pruett on the radio for over a decade. There are so many stories to be told and fortunately the statute of limitations on most of these offenses has run out.”

Rock programing specialist Bobby “Slam” Duncan will serve as Radio Brave’s Operations Director, working with RFC’s Cruze to curate a music mix that is lively and adventurous but still welcoming and palatable to an audience that will be largely adult and gender balanced.

Duncan offers an intriguing description of Radio Brave’s playlist. “We’ve identified a deep list of songs that are as ‘foreground’ as the non-music content they will bookend. How do we keep people on board until the next show? Give them music they love and some they would love if only they’d heard it. Decidedly familiar, but with a little taste of something new every once in a while. This is as big a challenge as I have ever faced as a programmer.”

With regard to the non-music programming, Harris promises an open door for content providers who respect the demands of the medium and its power to entertain, inform, and influence people.

“This is not a place for angry fist-shakers, those who fleece hard-working Americans, deluded zealots, or hatemongers,” explains Harris. “We’re going to provide intelligent, satisfying content, have some fun, and make some money. Just like the old days.”

For additional information on Radio Brave, contact Bobby “Slam” Duncan at or (901) 825-0731.

Stevens and Pruett 101 KLOL audio clips online + podcast


  1. When I was in radio, I noticed many things. One thing was that the older people live in the past. Let 101 go!!!!

    1. Most off the off air radio stations should live in the past, but Rock 101 KLOL is different.

      In the course of making my documentary, I have met young people with Runaway Radio tattoos! A young fan has built online tribute station

      Social media is still full of KLOL groups and content. In 2010, there were a couple of KLOL clips on YouTube, that number has grown significantly.

      I have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of interest in my upcoming KLOL film!

    2. Can you tell me how many people are interested? Thousands, or one million? How many young people have you met who are interested and know about this station? I've worked in schools and have only met one that even listens to the radio stations that are around now. I'm asking you this, because I'm really curious about it? I'm sorry, but it doesn't change the fact that most radio people live in the past; especially, the older ones.

  2. Don't need a million people. I'll take a thousand dedicated fans. And they are there. Sorry you're not a believer. Here's a suggestion--don't listen. In the meantime, go be a turd in someone else's punchbowl. Those of us who "live in the past" are too busy trying new stuff. Like a 24 digital broadcast platform accessible worldwide that's free to listeners and affordable for broadcasters who want to create original product. Curious what you've been up to...? Sorry radio didn't work out for you and sorry you didn't get to go to prom. Doug Harris, 101 KLOL enthusiast.

    1. Please forgive me for not telling you want you want to hear. I'm sorry, that you couldn't do anything else, but radio. How exactly do you know, that radio didn't work out for me. Some radio people are well-educated and capable of doing something harder than playing the same songs over and over and saying the same stuff over and over. I doubt 101, or you have a " thousand dedicated fans." Can you show me proof of this? You are basically being rude to me, because I didn't say what you wanted me to say. That is very sad. You kind of seem like you think you are doing things that are more important than they really are. Please give me the stats on how many people actually listen to your 24 digital broadcast.

    2. There is a reason you are posting anonymously. After all, how many people that do not care and want "old folks" to "let it go" take the time to read an article about Rock 101 KLOL and then comment?

      I can assure you there are thousands of fans who actively listen, purchase merchandise and call in. And I don't need to show proof of any of that to someone who's only goal is to troll a message thread. It's you who is being rude and pissing on people's parades for your own entertainment, or to feel superior.

      As Dough said, if you don't like it... Don't listen. But coming on here instructing "old people" to "let it go" is childish and better posted in a reddit thread.

    3. Gosh! You got me! You are a genius. I notice that whenever someone does not have a strong argument, they always bring up how someone is posting " anon." I have common sense. Do you really think it's smart to have your name over the internet?If that is what you need to tell yourself to feel better... go for it! I was in radio, so it stands to reason I comment on RADIO stories. If I wasn't commenting, this story would not be getting any attention. Can you point out where I said " old folks?" I said the people in radio;especially, the older ones have a hard time letting go of the past. Kind of sad that you are in communications, but have such a hard time with reading comprehension. So, if someone does not agree with you, they are " trolling?" Um, okay. Why are you so defensive? Is it,because I'm speaking the truth? Didn't you just write this to feel superior? I didn't listen to 101 when it was around, because I didn't like it, so I like millions of others, won't be listening to whatever your doing on the internet. It's so sad to be up in age, but yet only be able to handle it when people tell you what you want to hear. If it feels good to call me " childish" and to tell me that I'm " pissing on people's parade," then by all means, keep on saying those things. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Bye!

    4. " you're"- edit by anon

    5. For someone who does not care, you sure do comment a lot. Oh and I love it that you think that this article would not get any attention unless you comment on it. That comment alone speaks volumes about you.

      FTR, the following is a direct quote "When I was in radio, I noticed many things. One thing was that the older people live in the past. Let 101 go!!!! "

      And why is that if someone has a differing opinion than you, they are defensive? I have been running the resurrected Rock 101 KLOL online for the past 4 years. I don't need to make stuff up. I know the facts. You on the other hand think you "career" in radio makes you and expert.

      I certainly don't need your approval to feel good about myself. Your obvious self importance is amusing. I hear from real Rock 101 KLOL fans every day and have for the past 4 years. Many of which have donated money and purchased merchandise to support my efforts.

      Time for you to go listen to some Mumford & Sons and leave us "old folks" to "live in the past" were real musicians play real music.

    6. I can see why you had to be in radio. Look at the comment. Most are directed to what I'm saying. This is what I meant. Should I simplify it even more for you? Yes, that's what I wrote. Where did I say " folks?" My statement is true. They, like you, are always talking about what they did in the past. Please point out where I said, you were defensive, because you have a different opinion. Weren't you the one who called me " defensive" first. You turning around everything I say will not work on me. So, having a career in something, doesn't make you an expert? So, then you are admitting that you also are not an " expert," right? I'm not important. Where did I say I was? You are the only one listing off your CV and going on and on about all the things you have been doing. Where did I say you need my approval? I don't even know who the hell you are. I've NEVER heard of you, or any of the others. Go to the mall and see how many people actually have, or even remember 101, or know it's online. I didn't. They are donated money? I would NEVER ask for money to run a station. I don't like Mumford and Sons and I'm 45, which a lot of people would consider old. You guys are getting so mad, because I said older people live in the past. Obviously, the truth hurts. Let go of radio; try to get a college degree and move on to something else in life.

  3. One of the many realities of this 21st century wonder, the internet, is the largest stage ever for contrarians. I write a progressive blog, and have learned on thing; Haters are going to hate.
    I enjoyed KLOL back in the day of; National Lampoon's Radio Show, and the 'King Biscuit Flour Hour'... oh, yeah, and 'Crash' missing the end of an LP while we all listened to see just how long the needle would track the end groove.
    I wish, you all, a enjoyable and rewarding adventure.

  4. Can I ask you a question? If you say something that someone does not like, or agree with, is it okay if they call you a hater? I mean, that is exactly what you are accusing others of? I think that word is very 2013. People need to come up with another word for insulting people who speak the truth, or give their opinion.

  5. Howdy hey there. Suddenly was reminiscent about a name from the past. Brian Boyett or better known as Brian "the Butler" of 101KLOL. Then it became somehow important to me to search that radio stations' history. What a fantastic time in Houston Texas radio.!
    Coincidentally I discover this recognition on that programming experiment. Brilliance.
    The only other station I ever found having as much spectrum was KROQ in Southern California. However, that station failed where KLOL succeeded. The blending of classic rock and progressive alternative rock. To say that the program director and music director were gifted maestros would be an understatement. Okay, a little research reveals answers...Rick Lambert and David Sadoff respectively. To be dedicated for audience enlightenment. Often perfection in any craft is rarely noticed until hindsight. The clouds parted and the sun shined through.
    Why at this very moment I thought of that forever silly and hospitable man, I do not know. Perhaps it was his continuous optimistic humor and confidence. I am glad I was a witness to the many voices who inspired my choices with the music they selected.
    Thanks Runaway Radio. A class act with lots of laughs.

  6. Replies
    1. That is just so original! You must be in radio! No creativity and just copying what others say. Sounds about right!

  7. Some people just don't "get it" when it comes to nostalgia... I grew up with KLOL and it always brings back fond memories. There was a bit of magic in those airwaves until Clear Channel came along and common denominated us to death. Something radio won't ever have is that degree of collective consciousness again. Radio used to tell me what great new music was out there, AND classics I'd forgotten about. They were "cooler" than me, which truth be known wouldn't have been too hard back in those days. Except for KACC, nobody really plays anything I can stomach for very long.

    In this age of instant gratification, and pandering to the "Smoke On The Stairway To Hotel Freebird" crowd, radio has to do something more if it is going to appeal to the next generation.


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