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Monday, September 07, 2015

When a movie stinks, you’ll smell it on Third Rock Radio with Jr. Mintz

Former 101 KLOL partners Doug Harris and Pat Fant Reconnect on Third Rock Radio

Doug Harris aka Jr. Mintz
Doug Harris aka Jr. Mintz
Third Rock Radio, the digital rock station created for NASA by Houston-based RFC Media, has become the newest outlet for movie reviews by Jr. Mintz, written and voiced by broadcast industry veteran Doug Harris.

Harris, the award-winning promotions director turned marketing consultant, first used the Jr. Mintz moniker in 1983 at legendary AOR KLOL-FM at the suggestion of then GM and fellow Texas Radio Hall of Famer, Patrick Fant (now C.O.O of RFC Media.) Since that time, Jr. Mintz reviews have aired on The Buzz, The Arrow, The New 93Q, The Eagle, and News 92 FM in Houston as well as a multi-year run on the Connecticut Radio Network.

Fant, who formed RFC Media with veteran programmer Cruze in 2009, recently suggested the new collaboration, which the men launched with uncharacteristic restraint over Labor Day weekend.

"Junior’s going global," notes Fant, "and Third Rock listeners should fasten their seat-belts."

Third Rock Radio’s listening episodes surpassed 1.5 million in the month of August from music lovers and space enthusiasts across the USA and in dozens of countries worldwide.
Pat Fant
Pat Fant

For a 12 year period spanning the 80’s and the 90’s, Harris and Fant, in tandem with some of the industry’s biggest rock radio personalities and a string of exalted PD’s, generated headlines, ratings, and record revenues for KLOL, the family-owned FM rocker in Houston.

Harris, who has worked with Fant on a number of projects since their time at KLOL, says he’s looking forward to connecting with his creative partner again.

"We’re just a couple of unapologetic radio fans," admits Harris, "and we’re on the lookout for the next big thing. Pat’s found it. His vision to commercialize internet radio is bold, which is the only way he knows how to do things. I’m just glad to get a seat on the train. And as long as Adam Sandler insists on making films, I’ll have plenty to talk about."

Follow Doug @JrMintzMovies. Hear Third Rock Radio at

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(This post was taken from a press release sent to me by Noisemaker Communications. Both Fant and Harris will be featured in my upcoming Rock 101 Documentary.)

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