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Monday, May 02, 2016

Rock 101 KLOL archives + more to launch on Radio Brave

Talk is Cheap. Finally. Doug Harris Launches Radio Brave Online

Stevens and Pruett 101 KLOL audio clips online + podcast

You heard it here first (well pretty much everything Houston media related is seen here before anyone else has it), but this time, I'll be the first to tell you about a new project from former Rock 101 KLOL visionaries.

Former KLOL promotions director/marketing genius Doug Harris and KLOL creator Pat Fant have teamed up again to launch Radio Brave this week. You can read more about it in the release below.

KLOL fans take note, Harris and Fant are looking back on the legendary station plus playing old clips on The Runaway Radio Hour: The Story and Glory of KLOL which will be exclusive to

Since I'm working on a documentary about KLOL, I will host the first edition of the show where I will be interviewing the names you know and love from the former Texas Rock N' Roll Authority. Watch out for that soon.

By the way, this past weekend I showed an early Rock 101 KLOL documentary trailer cut to a bunch of the station's former staff and they seemed to like it!

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Here is the release:

Music and Talk Platform Offers Accessibility, Affordability to Specialty Broadcasters

HOUSTON, TX—May 2, 2016-- Broadcast industry veteran Doug Harris will introduce Radio Brave to digital audiences on May 4, 2016, with an invitation to responsible parties with something interesting to say—and a checkbook-- to jump on board. Calling on the expertise of his former KLOL and KTBZ colleagues Pat Fant and Cruze through their Houston-based RFC Media, Harris will offer an appealing mix of music and lifestyle-related talk accessible worldwide on and TuneIn.

“Across the country, the weekend lineup of countless AMs, and an appreciable number of FMs, is filled with content from experts and entrepreneurs who are paying for that time,” observes Harris. “Radio Brave will offer business category exclusivity, multiple fixed-position listening episodes throughout the week, and an hour of music between shows. That means no back-to- back messages on the same station from people who are unquestionably competitors.”

A further delineation for Radio Brave will be the absence of infomercials, extended non-English language programming, and overtly political content.

“It’s likely that people will tune-in for a specific show,” Harris explains, “then stick around to discover additional favorites. Our ‘Mind+Music’ descriptor says it all.”

The list of specialty broadcasters who will be on board for Radio Brave’s first day include:
*The Houston Film Critics Society’s production of The Critics Circle
*Joyride, with the Metaphysical Moms Tiffanie Williams and Kerry Walker
*Energy Recon, with energy analyst Alan Lammey
*Culinary Adventure, hosted by food and wine expert John Demers

In the coming weeks, Radio Brave will welcome Big Ideas for Small Business, It’s All Greek to Me, and The Flower Power Hour.

Also in the works is a special treat for fans of Houston’s legendary AOR KLOL-FM, where Fant and Harris first collaborated. Its working title is The Runaway Radio Hour: The Story and Glory of KLOL.

“We’re taking hours and hours of archived audio from KLOL’s heyday, mixing it with current interviews with the folks who made it happen, and turning it into a one hour weekly show,” explains Fant. “This is catnip to Houstonians who haven’t heard Stevens
and Pruett on the radio for over a decade. There are so many stories to be told and fortunately the statute of limitations on most of these offenses has run out.”

Rock programing specialist Bobby “Slam” Duncan will serve as Radio Brave’s Operations Director, working with RFC’s Cruze to curate a music mix that is lively and adventurous but still welcoming and palatable to an audience that will be largely adult and gender balanced.

Duncan offers an intriguing description of Radio Brave’s playlist. “We’ve identified a deep list of songs that are as ‘foreground’ as the non-music content they will bookend. How do we keep people on board until the next show? Give them music they love and some they would love if only they’d heard it. Decidedly familiar, but with a little taste of something new every once in a while. This is as big a challenge as I have ever faced as a programmer.”

With regard to the non-music programming, Harris promises an open door for content providers who respect the demands of the medium and its power to entertain, inform, and influence people.

“This is not a place for angry fist-shakers, those who fleece hard-working Americans, deluded zealots, or hatemongers,” explains Harris. “We’re going to provide intelligent, satisfying content, have some fun, and make some money. Just like the old days.”

For additional information on Radio Brave, contact Bobby “Slam” Duncan at or (901) 825-0731.

Stevens and Pruett 101 KLOL audio clips online + podcast

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