Thursday, January 21, 2016

KPRC 2 is hiring for a new daily lifestyle and entertainment show

KPRC 2 is taking on KHOU 11's Great Day Houston

KPRC 2 new studio construction begins

Remember when KTRK abc13's Good Morning Houston used to rule the airwaves? Those days are gone. And KHOU 11's Great Day Houston's Deborah Duncan, a former channel 13 talk show host, is the only one flying the morning talk flag in Houston.

But that is about to change.

KPRC is hiring an Executive Producer for an unnamed Live/Daily/Variety Show. And the job description is equally exciting for the fact it mentions that KPRC is getting a new building for the station. I first blogged about the upcoming construction last year.

Channel 2's San Antonio sister station, KSAT 12, already has a lifestyle show called SA Live hosted by former FOX 4 KDFW reporter Fiona Gorostiza.

Here is the job description (see more TX TV jobs):

Executive Producer, Live/Daily/Variety Show
Posted: 11:22 PM, December 17, 2015

The company: KPRC2 is a #1 NBC affiliate and a Graham Media Group station with strong ratings and deep community ties. We are known for our aggressive news coverage and for our support of local causes. We are in the process of building a brand new, state-of-the-art media complex and launching a daily lifestyle and entertainment program.

The role: Oversee daily production of KPRC2’s to be named lifestyle program. You will oversee a staff of co-hosts, multi-media journalists, and producers as well as all aspects of production of a variety format live, on location daily show. You will be responsible for oversight of program content, for calling the shots in a control room, for managing shooting schedule of all talent, and you’ll assist in writing, editing, promoting program, and participating in community outreach for program. You will be responsible for managing the vision of the program and for helping to produce all segments to fit within the vision. Strong mentoring and interpersonal skills are imperative. You will be a leader who manages a team and maintains editorial control to help evolve the program.

• Oversees a staff of producers, video journalists, show hosts and interns.
• Manages the daily show from the control room, handling all editorial duties, back-timing, social on-air feeds, talent communication and all matters related to the live production of the show.
• Generate fresh ideas and meets with production staff and hosts to develop program segments.
• Works with KPRC2’s Sales Department to secure and deliver quality/entertaining segments which are “integrations.”
• Oversees program’s web/social presence; develops new audience outreach models.
• Write and edit copy for on-air, web site, and promotional use.
• Post social media content consistently for program and promotional purposes.
• Works with other producers and interns to respond to listener requests and emails.
• Develop long-term coverage ideas for the show, including special segments, sales initiatives, fun and entertaining segment ideas, fresh/compelling content.
• Manages archives for “Best Of” show clips for future episodes.

• Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
• Five or more years of experience producing a daily, live program on TV or radio.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and must be comfortable calling the shots in a control room during live production.
• Strong ability to write and edit copy and edit video.
• Vast knowledge of current and emerging social media platforms and how to use them to grow the brand of a show.
• Ability to work under very tight deadlines, and be comfortable working with a live, variety show.
• Effective internal and external communication skills.
• Understand KPRC2’s presence in the community and the core values associated with our brand.

To apply please send resume via email or mail to:

Human Resources
8181 Southwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77074

No Phone Calls Please

KPRC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In addition to complying with the requirements of federal law, KPRC will comply with applicable state and local laws prohibiting employment discrimination.

KPRC 2 new studio construction begins


  1. I know its not a morning talk show per se, but Fox 26 morning extra at 9 always has guests and celebrities when they're in town.

  2. Probably the replacement for the cancelled Meredith Viera show.

  3. Most likely the replacement for Meredith's cancelled show!

  4. Don't know about the producer and the support people, but I know what the co-hosts will be like:
    One male, one female.
    The female: slender, blonde, blue-eyed, 30'something, perky, ad-libs a lot
    The male: tall, black hair, blue eyes, 30-something, ad-libs a lot
    That's what they all look like.

    1. Really? You don't think the woman will be a minority, with fake boobs, who wears pounds of makeup and tight clothes? I'm going with that. Do you want to make a fun bet? No, money. Just bragging rights. I'm pretty sure the male host will not be good-looking. How many men on Houston TV are? They usually get rid of them.

    2. No, based on her failed efforts at You Tube videos, NBC laughing at her when she tried to get a national gig, and other ventures her grandpa paid for, I'm sure the "Resident Monkey" is vying to be the host of this show.

  5. So does this mean that the aging and irrelevant Dom Sachse and her grandpa's next effort to stay in the limelight is to get her a show? And the incredibly annoying Ruben will appear and be our local "all things gay" expert?
    KPRC is a joke.

  6. How does Sarah Ronchey stay on air/ Her ridiculous Jim Halpert looks at the camera are as unprofessional as her failure to read news.

  7. I reckon the new show will be similar to other pay-to-play (advertorial) type local show, similar to what is seen on TEGNA stations in Atlanta, Sacramento, Denver, and Tampa Bay, as well as Windy City Live (WLS), Indy Style (WISH), River City Live (WJXT), and The Morning Blend (former Journal stations, now owned by Scripps). If KPRC is looking into airing this type of show come late May or early June, following the airing of Meredith Vieira's last show. Those type of shows can make money for stations.

    Other than Meredith Vieira ending, I know FABLife show is ending as well. I would assume ABC 13 will likely air Millionaire... and I don't know if KTRK carries Right This Minute... unless the ABC station carries Inside Edition. I wouldn't be surprised to see Millionaire end after next season.

  8. Is it cheaper for an affiliate to produce its own show or just buy a syndicated show?

    It would seem this new show won't go head to head with Duncan because of the 3rd hour of Today.


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