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Monday, December 14, 2015

Melissa Correa joins KHOU 11

Melissa Correa joins KHOU 11 from KRGV Rio Grande Valley

Melissa Correa
Melissa Correa
I told you there was a lot of Houston TV news while I was away.

First Marla Carter joined KTRK abc13 and now Melissa Correa joins KHOU 11 from KRGV Rio Grande Valley where she has been a reporter/anchor for the last four years.

This is a return to Houston for Correa who earned her degree from the University of Houston. According to her bio, she wrote for the Daily Cougar and was even a Buggy Beauty during football games.

"I was living in Houston in 2005 when hurricanes Katrina and Rita made landfall," Correa wrote in her KRGV bio. "I watched around-the-clock news coverage of the natural disasters that forever changed many communities. It was that extensive coverage that inspired me to follow my passion and become a reporter. Words are powerful. Some images stay with us forever. A chance at telling life-changing stories was too valuable to pass up."

Before KRGV, Correa worked for WWBT Richmond, Virginia. She started her career in KOSA in Odessa. The Weslaco native interned for the FOX News Channel.

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- Melissa Correa joins KHOU 11
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  1. I remember Melissa from when she was at KOSA...she was there when then-TV Guide Network did that show "Making News: Texas Style". She was one of the reporters that they followed around. Also...points if you remember said show.

  2. Saw her on TV, and she looks even bigger! However, she does seem to be a good reporter. Has good delivery and good grasp of English. I'll take someone who may not look that great in front of the camera and can be a very good reporter, instead of the no-nothing divas.

  3. I think Melissa is a very pretty lady. She wears her size well.

  4. I think I'm in love with here


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