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Monday, December 14, 2015

New KPRC 2 reporter is Rob Reiner's son

Yes, new KPRC 2 reporter Jake Reiner is actor/director Rob Reiner's son, but don't call him 'Meathead'

Jake Reiner
Jake Reiner
Even on vacation, I am trying to get you Houston's media news first, as I did about new KPRC 2 reporter Jake Reiner Friday.
However, I missed a big part of the story until it was pointed out to me in my own comments section!

Here, I was in a Los Angeles hotel room, hoping the Wi-Fi would last until I could finish writing and hit publish, and totally missed out that Jake Reiner is actor/director/producer/writer Rob Reiner's son (you know 'Meathead' on All in the Family and the director of This Is Spinal Tap). That also means his grandfather is comedy legend Carl Reiner.

 Uhh, kind of ironic that I was writing the post in the entertainment capital of the world and didn't make those connections. Guess I'm ripping up my application for Extra now. I was going to try to be Mario's best friend too.

There were some clues in Jake's bio. It said he was from Los Angeles and a major Dodgers fan. No mention of the Hollywood connection though.

Does anyone know if a child of a famous Hollywood star has ever worked in Houston media before? I'm drawing a blank on that one.

So why isn't Jake following in his famous father's footsteps? Well, a blog called Farther Off the Wall says Rob Reiner made it a family rule that none of his kids would be in his movies until they turned age 18. Jake eventually had a small role in his dad's movie Flipped in 2010 according to IMDb.

The Farther blog goes on to say acting isn't Jake's passion. His real dream is to call Dodgers games on radio or TV. He got a chance to do just that online as a teen.

The love of baseball runs in the Reiner family. On a nine-year journey, Rob toured every Major League Park, ending at Dolphin Stadium with Jake in 2008, the then home of the Florida Marlins.

So Houstonians will be able to watch Jake Reiner on channel 2 then flip over to a ton of other channels to watch his dad. Lately, Rob has been guest starring on FOX's New Girl.

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