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Thursday, August 06, 2015

KENS 5 producer Cody Broadway releases short 'She Rides Bulls'

KENS 5 producer Cody Broadway jumps from TV screen to movie one with "She Rides Bulls"

Cody Broadway is a Texas TV guy who is transitioning to Hollywood.

"She Rides Bulls" is his latest short film and it has Texas written all over it because of its rodeo story and San Angelo shooting location.

As IMDB summarizes the film: "Darlene believes she has the right stuff to make it in the mans world of Professional Bull Riding: fearlessness, strength and that touch of crazy that compels you to keep going when every cell in your body cries for you to quit."

Broadway, who is a producer at KENS 5 in San Antonio, has bootstrapped a film crew from his TV connections. Houston media types might know his director of photography, Michael Lukaszewskyj, from his time as a programming photographer at KTRK abc13 a few years ago.

But it was his job as promotions/production director at KIDY San Angelo/KXVA Abilene where he met writer Greg McGee that got the film in motion.

"I had always been a fan of the rodeo – especially the bull riding competitions," said Mr. McGee in a release. “I'd been looking for a script idea to sink my teeth into, and for some crazy reason I came up with the idea of a girl going toe to toe against all those macho cowboys in the PBRA. It was just outlandish enough, but not something I figured any sane woman would actually DO anytime soon. I sat down one Friday night and started writing. The words were leaping on to the page. I knew I was onto something, because the script was virtually writing itself.”

"We shot most of it on 4K video, which is a huge frame," Broadway said. "It gave me a lot of options in the editing room, such as cropping in on various parts of the picture to get the composition just right, and not sacrificing image quality. There was a lot of footage from multiple cameras, so it was a complicated editing job. It helped a lot to be the guy who shot it as well. I didn't have to waste time figuring out where all the shots were. I already knew."

The film won best bury selection at the LA Indie Film Festival. Next up is the Brightside Tavern Film Festival in New Jersey. Broadway says the short is up for consideration for more festivals.

"We're hot on the trail of funding for the full feature film," Broadway added. "There's a lot of interest. I can't say any more or I'd have to lock you in the stall with my favorite bull. Just kidding."

Starring: Carl Bailey, Sheril Rodgers & Grey Acuna


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She Rides Bulls Trailer #1 from MUSE studio + gallery on Vimeo.

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