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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cathy Hernandez joins KPRC 2

Cathy Hernandez joins KPRC 2 from KDVR and KWGN Denver

Reporter Cathy Hernandez goes full-time at KPRC 2

Cathy Hernandez
Cathy Hernandez
KPRC 2 has confirmed to that Cathy Hernandez has joined the station as a temporary reporter from KDVR and KWGN Denver where she's been since April 2014 .

It's a return home for the Houston native.

In fact, I'm excited to report that Hernandez was on my blog way back in 2007. When I was just a lowly web producer, I was tasked with building a Houston Texans cheerleader section for that included a contest where Hernandez and other contestants were vying for a spot on the squad.

She eventually made it, but left the bright lights of football stadiums for those of TV studios a few years later.

According to her bio, Herenandez first started in the TV news biz at KPRC as an associate producer.

Before Colorado, Hernandez worked as a reporter, anchor and producer at KTSM and KDBC in El Paso.

She is a gradate of the University of Houston.


  1. Another pretty unmarried chick on TV news. Good job KPRC!

  2. What does Temporary mean she won't stay long. A lot of changes around these days with reporters.

    My mother asks me a lot where reporters come from as faces are changing often. And reporters we liked/loved are no longer around.

    What will rest of summer hold. What new faces will appear next.Or who will sign off next

  3. KPRC has had a lot of people come and go; but I hope they hang on to Ms. Rhodes. She has the makings of a keystone of an anchor desk, and I can see her spending many years at one station someday soon.

  4. Scott, I think Rhodes will stay on the weekends for awhile.

    On Cathy Hernandez: it's looking like a temporary freelance gig!

  5. Wonder if she replaced Kayla Ayres and if Ayres was temporary too? Haven't seen her on the air in awhile.

  6. It's been so refreshing this week with no Reyna and no Sachse on air. If only they used someone with talent, instead of Freeman, to pick up the slack...

  7. Did Dom Sachse sign a new contract at KPRC? I recall she signed a 7 year deal in 2008. Hopefully KPRC doesn't extend her, sends her off to the geriatric center with Nick, and lets Syan take over the gig.

  8. Dom is so overrated

  9. Hello Cathy Hernández! Just curious, who does your eyebrows? I haven't worn any decent eyebrows because the techs keep making them disappear. So I just wound up wearing very bad bushy ones when I let them grow back. You're the first TV personality who wears them very well. Keep up your excellent field reporting.


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