Monday, February 09, 2015

Is KTRK abc13 changing names too?

KTRK abc13 alters names on Facebook, my readers want to know what's going on

After KPRC 2 changed its name recently, my readers have become a little gun-shy when it comes to Houston TV news branding.

This weekend I started getting questions about KTRK abc13. Is the station changing names just like KPRC? The short answer is I don't think so.

The reason behind the confusion is, if you are following the Disney/ABC Television Group Houston station's page on Facebook, then you got an email from Zuckerberg and crew stating it was changing names from "abc13 KTRK Eyewitness News Houston" to "ABC 13 Houston."

If I had to guess, I'm gonna have to take responsibility for this one. It goes with the whole "Father of Houston TV social media and overall dunderpate" thing at the top of this very blog.

Back in 2008, I created the KTRK Facebook page before management (or any other Houston TV station) was really even sure what this social networking thing was. That meant there was no promotion of the FB  page ad nauseam on air or online like you find today.

So when I was coming up with a name, I just packed the "abc13 KTRK Eyewitness News Houston" title full of every branding element known to the audience as you can probably tell. I figured this way you would find the station on Facebook no matter how you searched for it. At this point there were probably less than 100 television stations even on Facebook.

It was my argument we needed to jump on this Facebook and Twitter thing quickly to establish a presence and followers before everyone else. Time proved that was probably the only smart thing I've ever pushed for.

If I hadn't left the station in 2009, I would have wanted to shorten the Facebook page's name by now so it's probably good the station is just getting around to doing a little social tidying up if you will.

In 2010, when I consulted KPRC on its Facebook pages, there was already the "KPRC Local 2" branding in place so the naming decision was already taken care of.

To my readers, "Keep Calm and Chive On" or whatever the kids say these days. But if you see KTRK changing names on air, then please notify me and feel free to call me an idiot.


  1. What KTRK needs to change more than ANYTHING is their voiceover talent. You know, the gruff sounding voice who introduces the news each night? His voice is becoming very hard to understand, and unfortunately when combined with their 1995 gold accented studio, it makes KTRK feel really old and dated. Just my opinion...I realize they are the sacred cow of Houston newsies. Unfortunately Ch. 13 is the best we've got.

  2. Their Facebook page still says "abc13 KTRK Eyewitness News Houston." Did this change take place and was it reverted? Or are we saying that it will change soon?

  3. I'd prefer Ch. 13 Eyewitness News Tonight!

  4. Maybe "Click13Houston" or "Local13"?

  5. Or go back to the Circle 13 logo from 1971!

  6. 5 out of the 8 ABC owned and operated stations brand their local newscasts as "Eyewitness News". Other than KTRK (ABC 13)... WABC New York City, KABC Los Angeles, WLS Chicago, and WTVD Raleigh-Durham use the iconic branding. WLS brought back the branding after 17-year long absence less than 2 years ago. I couldn't image ABC wanting to retire "Eyewitness News" branding, as well as couldn't image ABC wanting to retire "Action News" from WPVI Philadelphia and KFSN Fresno either.

    I could see KTRK rolling out new graphics, and updated cut of "Eyewitness News" theme music... and maybe KTRK getting new set sometime in 2015.

  7. Hey Mike McGuff, I just saw that the new graphics debuted during the 11AM Newscast at KTRK 13


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