Friday, January 30, 2015

Hey KPRC 2, where's the 'Local?'

KPRC 2 changes names and drops the 'Local'

KPRC 2 News logo
New KPRC 2 News logo
KPRC viewer emails are flying into my inbox. Why? The "KPRC Local 2" tagline that's been effect for years seems to have gone away in favor of "KPRC 2 News" or "KPRC Channel 2 News" depending on which anchor you're watching.

Graphically it's the same KPRC logo, just with the "Local" replaced by "KPRC."

I noticed the switch this morning during the 11am newscast, so I immediately contacted the station for comment, but have not heard back from them.

Old KPRC Local 2 logo
Old KPRC Local 2 logo
Social media wise, the station is slowly replacing the "local" word. The NBC affiliate's Facebook page name was switched "KPRC2" this afternoon, however the talent pages all say KPRC Local 2 on them still. Same for the Twitter account. That's going to be a fun project for someone to go in and make all of those changes!

It's kind of like when Reliant Stadium became NRG Stadium. Can you imagine how much it must have cost to change the name on every sign? It even said Reliant on things as small as trash cans!

I still like the KPRC 90s slogan which was "News 2 Houston" (WATCH HERE). It sounded the best to me, but I'm guessing when the station wanted to distance itself from its tabloidish past, that name was the first gonner.

If I hear back from the station, I will post the response here. Stay tuned.


  1. McGuff, maybe they should update their music too.

  2. In the weird way the universe works, Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A Changin'" came on my headphones as soon as I hit publish on this post!

  3. "Sacsha News 2" might offer the ratings grab they are looking for.

  4. I know that KSAT didn't go the "Local" route, and same for WJXT. With KPRC ditching "Local 2" name for "KPRC 2", I'm assuming that Graham Media Group has yet to retire "Local 6" from WKMG and "Local 4" from WDIV. I could see WKMG returning to "WKMG 6" name... and WDIV moving toward "WDIV 4" name.

    With Graham selling WPLG to BH Media last year... I could see Miami ABC station retiring "Local 10" name, in favor of going back to the "Eyewitness News" name, under its new ownership... unless WPLG is seen as potential ABC O&O bait.

  5. "Local" or "Channel", the station sucks. It's online stories are riddled with grammar and factual errors, it's ridiculous live voting, Facebook buddies and other tabloid promos are also juvenile. And Dom and Bill need to stop with the plastic surgery and retire.

  6. I don't mind the plastic surgery, it's their jobs to stay youthful (maybe I lived in Dallas for too many years) but what drives me crazy is all the selfies D.S. takes. I'm sure she is charming and very sweet, but it seems like she is in love with herself and extremely vain. It's almost a little difficult to take her seriously knowing that her other gig is beauty secrets, makeup tips and smiling for own camera.

    1. I think she's far from "charming and very sweet". Also, besides her failed narcissistic YouTube beauty endeavor, she has the failed pregnancy pin venture that Gramps and her tried to pass off on people.


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