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Friday, October 03, 2014

KPRC 2 hires Mike Friedrich as assistant news director

WJLA's Mike Friedrich to become new KPRC assistant news director; WJBK's Steve Lulgjuraj moves into 10pm EP role

KPRC 2 announced two big hires to the staff today.

Once Rhonda Errer LaVelle moved up to news director, the NBC affiliate had an opening for an assistant news director.

The person taking the KPRC assistant news director gig is WJLA Washington, DC executive producer Mike Friedrich. In the past, Friedrich has been an executive producer at WJZ Baltimore and a CNN Newsource producer. He's won several Emmys, Murrows and AP awards for Best Newscasts. His first day is October 23rd.

Also announced to the KPRC newsroom is a new 10pm EP. WJBK Fox 2 News Detroit's Steve Lulgjuraj takes that job. Ljuljdjuraj is the 10pm senior producer at the Fox owned and operated station. He also produces a weekly public affairs program called Let It Rip. His first day is October 27th.


  1. McGuff, but will these developments give KPRC-TV a shot of getting out of the cellar in popularity?

  2. KPRC is nowhere near the cellar. It is regularly winning newscasts in the ratings.

  3. KPRC benefits from lead-ins like Blacklist, The Voice, Law & Order, etc., and Sunday Night Football. Their on air "talent" and content are very, very poor.
    It would be interesting to see what the above shows ratings are in Houston, and how many viewers are gained (lost?) once the news comes on.


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