Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rhonda Errer LaVelle is new KPRC 2 news director

KPRC made it official: Rhonda Errer LaVelle is new KPRC 2 news director

Rhonda Errer LaVelle
Rhonda Errer LaVelle
Rhonda Errer LaVelle is the new KPRC 2 news director a station source has confirmed.

LaVelle came to the Post-Newsweek aka Graham Holdings station earlier this year as assistant news director.

Since May, LaVelle held the interim ND duties after former news director Deborah Collura bolted for the general manager gig at WCNC Charlotte.

Before Houston, LaVelle worked at sister station WDIV Detroit for 16 years. She left there as an executive producer.

According to her LinkedIn profile, LaVelle attended Central Michigan University.


  1. Keep it in the family.

  2. Probably not the only Houston TV station getting a new News Director.

  3. Mike, speaking of KPRC-TV News Directors, do you where I might locate a former KPRC-TV New Director named Don Hoagland? When Don was with Channel 39 in Houston, he and I did hundreds of commercials for Finger Furniture. I was an Account Executive at Winius-Brandon Advertising. In the 80's, Don was hired by KPRC-TV as the News Director for the early evening news. Thanks. Harold Green.

  4. Don was an exceptional man and co-worker, but he was not the News Director at KPRC. He was in the booth as one of several technical directors of news programs

    1. Thank you Dan. I lost track of Don when he went to KPRC-TV. I thought it was as the News Director. Thank you for clarifying it for me. Is Don still in Houston?

  5. Who else is going to get a new news director ?