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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

KHOU 11 rebroadcasts CBS Evening News at 6pm

What is Scott Pelley doing anchoring during KHOU 11 News at 6pm?

It's right in the middle of the KHOU 11 6pm newscast right now, but I'm not seeing Greg Hurst or Lisa Hernandez (who just got married and probably off anyway). Instead, it is a rebroadcast of the CBS Evening News.

KHOU 11 viewers are taking to the station's Facebook page and saying stuff like:

Why is CBS news with Scott Pelley on again at 6p? Something got messed up!

Don't y'all watch the news? You are showing a repeat of broadcast news!

I had heard rumors the Gannett station was installing automation systems - meaning computers run everything. Guess they are live. We've seen stuff like this before at other Houston stations.

In fact, on September 4 I tweeted that KHOU ran 10 minutes of commercials during its noon news. Don't know if that is connected to tonight's issue.

I'm waiting for a comment from KHOU, if I get one, I will let you know what it says.

I never got a direct response from KHOU, but the station did let Greg Hurst explain it at 10pm. As we figured, it was "technical problems." Here is the video:


(Thanks Steve)


  1. Saw two new reporters on the 6pm news today, Caitlin McCulley on 13 and Melissa Hawkes on 2, hope you post something about them if you hear anything

  2. McGuff, I've been wondering the same thing.

  3. I'm thinking that it's goofiness like KHOU's "wheel of weather" that forces parent companies like Gannett to institute graphic uniformity across all their affiliates.

  4. The automation rumors are true; they launched last week. Appears there are still gremlins to be dealt with.

  5. for whatever reason, it's been goofy lately watching khou on the web or using their app---so i have quit watching until they get it lined out

  6. Big question is whether Gannett will start requiring stations like KHOU-TV to get new sets ?

  7. Ok so based on the new broadcast tech being used across the country by most networks, Mike, where is Gannett's remote Master Control located? Or are they allowing some intervention/control from within local stations like KHOU? That must be weird talking to a news director 2000 miles away???

  8. It beat the 30-minutes of local crap it usually puts on--I'll take network news any day!

  9. Gannett's hub is in Jacksonville, FL. I'm going to guess they went with the rather aptly named Ignite news automation system. Only Pasadena can blow up bigger than Ignite when it crashes.

  10. The Gannett hub for it's CBS stations is in North Carolina. The automation that was installed was ELC and a new version of it at that. They have had lots of problems with the servers crashing. Also heard thier main Engineer left for another station leaving alot of inexperencied people to do the install.

    1. Main ELC server crashed at 5:50pm, that was first time that happened to KHOU. Backup server did not take over automatically, had to be manually forced to start takeover. Could have started news at 6:10pm but decision was made to stay with CBS and not condense the newscast on the fly. Engineer who departed was not a factor.

  11. online stream still not working correctly.................


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