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Friday, July 04, 2014

Texas Radio Hall of Fame for 2014 inductees

Texas radio greats to be honored in hall of fame ceremony

The Texas Radio Hall of Fame, an organization dedicated to honoring the greats in Texas radio, has a big announcement.

The voting members have spoken, the Board of Directors have approved, and its Chairman Bud Buschardt has affirmed the following individuals as the newest Inductees to the Texas Radio Hall of Fame for 2014.

Vandy Anderson-Galveston
Dave Moreland-Tyler
Johnny Chiang-Houston
Tom Allen-Austin
Outlaw Dave Andrews-Houston
Brent Clanton-Houston
Jose Jaime Garcia-Austin
John Hiatt-Houston
Jerry King-San Antonio
John Lander-Houston
Chet Maxwell-Dallas
Mike Wade-Dallas
Mike Rhyner-Dallas
Walter Hammock-Houston
Rio and Reyes-San Antonio
Irene Runnels-Dallas *SAMMY* Award Recipient for Trailblazing Female in the Industry

The Texas Radio Hall of Fame induction celebration and ceremony will be held in Galveston, Texas at the Hotel Galvez on November 1st at 12pm. As mentioned on this blog before, the program will be dedicated to the life and work of broadcasting pioneer Bill Young.

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- The 2012 Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductees


  1. It doesn't really honor the "greats." Almost every state has one. If you been in radio for a long time, or you know the right people, then you get in. It's not based on talent, nor ratings. If It was, 99 percent of the people would not be in it.

    1. Hang in there buddy, you might get in next year....then again, maybe not.


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