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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The 2012 Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductees

Congrats to the 2012 Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductees:

Buddy Cantu *Jock/Production* Houston (KIKK/KHJZ/KODA)

Paul Christy *Jock* Houston (KHMX/KZFX/KRBE)

George "Super" Cooper *Jock* San Antonio (deceased) (KBOX/KONO/KULF)

Bill Cordell *Engineer* Houston (KTRH)

Tyler Cox *Manager* Dallas (WBAP/KRLD/KMEO)

Muriel Funches *Manager* (KLOL/KTRH/KHJZ)

Dan Gallo *Jock* Houston (KILT/KILE/KTHT)

Ron Houston *Jock* San Antonio (deceased) (KTSA/KFAN/KENS)

Lee Jolly *Jock* Houston (KILT/KLDE/KFMK)

Dick Oppenheimer *Owner/Manager* (KYOK/KHFI/KLGO)

Dick Laine "Pickens" *Jock* Austin - KOKE/KNOW/KVET)

Brian Shannon *Jock* Houston/Dallas (KLOL/KEGL/KROI)

Rex Tackett *Manager* San Antonio (KTSA/WOAI/KAJA)

*** Note: Larry Shannon *Jock* Dallas-Fort Worth and original organizer of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame (KFJZ/KVIL/KXOL/KLIF 570) He received again this year enough votes to be inducted but declined saying that he would step aside again this year to allow another person to be inducted instead of him. If, in any future year after his death, he receives enough votes and support for induction, he will be inducted posthumously.

To be eligible to be inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, one must have been employed at a radio station within the borders of the great State of Texas at some time during their radio career. Only voting members and past inductees and instatees may officially nominate and vote for the candidates.


  1. Glad to know Brian Shannon made it. He was the hardest working guy in radio for years and didn't receive the recognition he deserved. Hats off to you Brian.


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