Friday, February 28, 2014

Fox 26 KRIV & My20 KTXH February 2014 sweeps highlights

Houston’s February 2014 Television Sweeps ratings highlights for KRIV FOX26/KTXH MY20

FOX Television stations sent me ratings highlights for FOX 26 KRIV and My20 KTXH during February 2014 TV sweeps.

Feb`14 Sweep Highlights (source: NSI Houston Feb`14 , Feb`13 & Jan`14 L+SD)

* FOX26 News @ 4am, 67% ratings growth vs. Jan`14 in A25-54, +1 in rank vs. Jan`14 & Feb`13.
Feb`14 RTG/SHR: A25-54: 0.5/6 Increased more than any station!

* FOX26 News @ 5am, 22% rating growth vs. Jan`14 & Feb`13 in A25-54, +1 in rank vs. Jan`14 and Feb`13.
Feb`14 RTG/SHR: A25-54: 1.1/9

* FOX26 News @ 6am, 42% rating growth vs. Jan`14, +1 in rank vs. Jan`14 in A25-54.
Feb`14 RTG/SHR: A25-54: 1.7/11

* FOX26 News @ 7am, 29% rating growth vs. Jan`14 and 10% growth vs. Feb`13
Feb`14 RTG/SHR: A25-54: 2.2/13

* FOX26 News @ 5pm, 13% rating growth vs. Jan`14 and 29% growth vs. Feb`13 in A25-54.
Feb`14 RTG/SHR: A25-54: .9/4

* FOX26 Judge Judy M-F/4p, 31% rating growth vs. Jan`14 and 64% growth vs. Feb`13, #1 program at 4:30p in A25-54.
Feb`14 RTG/SHR: A25-54: 1.3/6

* FOX Prime Mon-Sun, +235% rating growth vs. Feb`13 with Super Bowl in Feb14. KPRC (NBC) Prime is only up 53% vs Feb`13 with Olympics in Feb`14. The 2014 Prime Winter Olympics are down -18% vs. 2010 in A25-54.
Feb`14 KRIV RTG/SHR: A25-54: 3.6/10

* My 20 Big Bang M-F 9-10p, 13% rating growth vs. Jan`14 and 88% growth vs. Feb`13 in A25-54.
Feb`14 RTG/SHR: A25-54: 1.4/3
FOX26 News at 4AM, 7AM & 8AM is #1 in M25-54. +2 in rank at 4AM, & +1 rank at 8AM.

M25-54 rtg/shr
4a: 0.8/6
7a: 2.5/18
8a: 1.2/10

- KPRC 2 declares big wins in February 2014 sweeps
- Univision 45 KXLN Houston February 2014 sweeps victories


  1. When you are at the bottom, there is no where to go but up.

    1. Kriv ain't in the bottoms in mornings thats khou.

  2. KHOU is at the bottom in all categories regardless the station's history and current talen, in all time slots, isn't helping. Fire them all- on air and management. Garnett owes it's investors and customers better performance, in light of the recent Belo purchase costs, than the poor return they're getting.

  3. Whoopty woo. Ditto Anon 10:39

  4. Channel 11 is number one at 4pm, number 2 at 5pm, number two at 10 pm (not 10:30 after the Olympics which is how KPRC is counting it, and third in the morning. KTRK is number one at ten (again not at 10:30 after the Olympics when there was no other news like. ch 2), number one at 6, number one at 5 and tied for number 2 at 4. Drink the Kool Aid all you want, that 's the numbers. Not all that different from November except 11 wins at 4, ties for second at 5, Channel 2 has big morning numbers thanks to an anchor move and some over the top liveshots with a young man who is talented, but hard to take.

    1. Minus the weather man, fox 26 in the mornings is just terrible. Ritta and Michele are fake and cannot read the news. I dont know why they are on so long in the morning. Ever since Natalie left, it's been awful. I try to watch the evening news but Don Teague looks to lost and just appears that he hates his job. They need to start from scratch and hire new exciting people.

      Channel 2 and 13 are pretty good. solid news mixed with funny but it doesn't come across phony like Fox. Channel 11 has too many women in the AM trying to be cute. Cut Mia and katherine and you have a show worth watching.


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