Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brad Woodard apparently gone from KHOU 11

KHOU 11 reporter Brad Woodard no longer listed on station website

I got word yesterday that KHOU 11 reporter Brad Woodard's bio was off the station's website. Sure enough that was true, plus both of his station social media accounts had been erased to boot.

Then came a tweet from a reporter "across the street" that pretty much summed things up:

Brad Woodard
Brad Woodard
In case you can't see the embedded tweet, Fox 26 KRIV reporter Greg Groogan tweeted, "Way to preserve quality #KHOU. 26 time Emmy winner Brad Woodard, one of America's finest broadcast writers, shown the door with no respect."

Groogan ain't joking about Woodard's awards. Every time I turned around it seemed he was winning something.

Woodard joined KHOU in 2006 from KARE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul. According to his erased bio, prior to that he worked for WTVF-TV, the CBS affiliate in Nashville, TN and WSAV-TV in Savannah, GA, where he anchored, reported and produced documentaries. He also appeared in the HBO film, "Vietnam War Stories," and on the short-lived ABC television series, "Breaking Away." The bio also notes  his work appeared on NBC's "Today" show nearly 200 times.

Hopefully Woodard can update us on his future plans.

I've heard once Gannett took over the Belo stations there would be changes. Who knows if this is a Gannett thing, but we have already started to see other changes.

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(Thanks Taylor and Sarah)


  1. I'd tell you if @KHOU responds to this...but they've blocked me on Twitter.

  2. Let the house cleaning at KHOU-TV begin.

  3. What a shame. Brad Woodard has gotten so many awards for his stories that he has done over the years. He IS the reason why I watched KHOU. Nothing against the kid reporters but they do not hold a candle to Brad and his style of reporting.

  4. Awful news. Brad will get a BETTER job :)

    1. I have seen the changes in KHOU over the last few years and they have not been for the better. Not sure what is going on at that station when all the other stations in Houston seem to just be getting better.

  5. It is a shame. I loved seeing him at Ch. 11.

    I wonder if more changes are happening. Saw something today that had me asking.

    But I wish Brad well whereever he goes.

  6. Things began changing a couple of years ago when the ND arrived. Change they say is always good...but not in this case. Anyone worth their salt has left the station. KHOU has become a revolving door. Soo sad. Best of luck to Woodard. Amazing storyteller.

  7. I hear the station is possessed and only the damned are allowed to remain. The good are driven away. At least that somebody said. Ch 13RULES!!!

  8. Two takeaways from this:
    1. Groogan is confident he'll never apply for a job at KHOU, and
    2. Woodard was not willing to bleach his hair and get a fake rack.