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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The next Marvin Zindler of Houston TV is...

A Marvin Zindler look-alike on PBS inspires me

 photo marvin_jimsteranko_zpsce32a582.jpg

We were watching the PBS documentary Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle when my wife noticed a KTRK abc13 Marvin Zindler doppelgänger.

Marvin Zindler
Marvin Zindler
Former Marvel Comics' artist Jim Steranko popped up on the screen and no doubt he has a striking resemblance to Houston's beloved White Knight in Blue Shades of Action 13 fame.

Zindler still lives on Houston TV in a way since Jeff Ehling does a restaurant report, in place of Marvin, at KTRK abc13 and Amy Davis also does one at KPRC 2.

 I think the only reason Houston TV viewers cared about a restaurant report was because of Zindler's showbiz antics and his famous "Slime in the Ice Machine" chant. KTRK should at least play the old clip of Marvin yelling his famous phrase at the end of Ehling's report.

This got me thinking - who is the next Marvin Zindler of Houston TV? Who in Houston television news right now can captivate, inform, offer help and entertain audiences? I've been wanting to write this for a year now, so thanks to Mr. Steranko, here it is.

In my opinion, the closest thing we have to a new Marvin Zindler...drum roll please...

Isiah Carey
Isiah Carey Fox 26 KRIV reporter Isiah "Factor" Carey AKA The Insite. 

Here is a guy who can dress flashy like Zindler and has his own television segment, The Isiah Factor, which helps viewers out just like Marvin did throughout his TV news career.

Carey has charisma and clearly Zindler-esque notoriety from the Bug in Mouth videos.

If anyone in Houston could get a musical written about him, my money is on Carey AKA The Insite.

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