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Thursday, September 02, 2010

KTRK 13 reporter Jeff Ehling has been in Hoffman's column before

KTRK 13 Jeff Ehling was the only Houston TV reporter to cover the Pearland team in Williamsport last week and Ken Hoffman mentioned the fact in his Houston Chronicle column:

Reporter Jeff Ehling was in Williamsport covering the Little Leaguers for Channel 13. He told me that his name has never been in my column. I was all set to mention him - then I heard that Channel 13 bragged that it had the only Houston reporter in Williamsport. What am I, pastrami on rye? Bye-bye, Jeff Ehling mention. READ THE REST

Oh, but I must point out that Ehling has been in Hoffman's column before...twice. How do I know? Because as Ehling's producer I did everything I could to get him in there!

Here you go:
Mention 1 and Mention 2

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- We got in Ken Hoffman's column!
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