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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ex-KETK anchor Jennifer Kielman heading to KOLR 10 in Springfield, MO

Jennifer Kielman is hitched and ready to move to KOLR 10 in Springfield, Missouri

Last time we heard from Jennifer Kielman she was leaving KETK in East Texas. And you might remember back then, she clearly told me she was not leaving television.

Like in the old TV days of tape, cue the next job announcement on her Facebook page:

Jennifer Kielman
Jennifer Kielman
October is going to be my favorite month this year! I am getting married next weekend, it'll be 3 years since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on October 18th, and I am happy to announce, that in a little more than three weeks, I will start my new job at KOLR 10 in Springfield, Missouri. I will be their new 5, 6 & 10 o'clock Anchor alongside David Oliver! God is so good!

According to her former bio, before KETK, Kielman previously worked at WAOW in Wausau, Wisconsin. She graduated from Northern Illinois University.

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  1. As someone who worked in major markets for many years, I know real broadcasting talent when I see it, and Jennifer is one of the finest young anchors I've ever seen. Her on-camera presence and ability to deliver the news in a highly professional way is major market and network quality. I am surprised that she's not working in a major market, but I don't doubt that she will be there someday soon. KTEK viewers in east Texas already miss her on-air warmth and professionalism, painfully.


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