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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

KPRC loses two staffers then grabs from KHOU, WFAA takes from KRIV

KPRC, KRIV, KHOU, WFAA swap and lose longtime employees

It seemed like when I started this blog in 2005, Houston TV people just didn't move around a lot. Times have changed.

Here comes a long list of Houston TV employment hold on.

Fox 26 KRIV Special Projects/Photojournalist/Editor Mark Muller leaves Houston for Dallas to become the WFAA Chief Photographer. Muller worked at KRIV since 2006, before that he photographed the news for KPRC, KTVT and KVBC. He joins another former Fox 26er at Channel 8 - news director Carolyn Mungo. Watch this award winning photographer's work here.

You might have noticed I mentioned Muller worked at KPRC. He was there as the Investigative Photojournalist, Editor from 1998 to 2006, but didn't put in as much time as these guys. Longtime KPRC 2 photographers Charles Scott and Charlie Duckworth are hanging up their cameras for retirement. There was a big party last week for their goodbyes. Scott is either the first, or one of the first, African American photogs hired in Houston from what I understand.

We aren't finished with channel 2 either. KPRC has grabbed 20-something year KHOU assignment desk manager Melissa Lanford to be its new managing editor.

By the way, we're approaching 20 years since Post-Newsweek bought KPRC from the Hobby family.

Just yesterday I posted on how Fox 26 KRIV was losing two managers, executive producer Geoffrey Roth and assignments manager and photographer Chris McDonald, to other stations' news director slots.

The post before that mentioned that KHOU 11 producer Lauren Yglecia was leaving the TV biz.

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  1. MAYBE there will be a change in the General Managers job at Channel 2? Lord knows it needs to be done!

  2. Sachse hasn't been on in almost 2 weeks. Not sure if she gets longer vacations than the many others who've been out a week at a time there, or if she's just getting more work done and recuperating.

    1. she posted on facebook athat he is on vacation.

    2. FireDomHireTalent6/28/2013 08:36:00 PM

      Really? Who follows a local TV "personality" on Facebook? What a sad life you must have to monitor her life of privilege and fakeness.

  3. Also you forgot to mention Richard Beaty, Engineer at KPRC also, he's been there since around 83,

    1. How can I forget if no one told me? And are you saying he is retiring or that he has been there since 1983?

  4. yes he's retiring, and he's been there since 83 also :)

  5. Mike, did I hear KPRC's Keith Garvin right tonight? Rachal McNeal is now a "Medical Expert"?


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