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Monday, April 01, 2013

Houston needs more parking, get the bulldozers as Citizens Relishing Alternate Parking comes up with solutions

With all of the talk of the Houston Astrodome's demolition to become a parking lot, it got me thinking about all of the people moving to our region and the need for more vehicle accommodation.

Therefore, I am creating a vehicle advocacy group called Citizens Relishing Alternate Parking.

Astroworld, where we had fun for decades, was sold, demolished, sat empty for years and is now a parking lot for three weeks a year. That is smart planning. We need to take this idea and run with it.

That's why today I'm pushing for other Houston areas to be turned into parking lots/garages. Won't you please support me after reading my thoughts below on this.

Discovery Green/Minute Maid Park
Let's reclaim downtown Houston's giant park and make it back into parking lots. With all of the sports venues and other businesses sprouting up around that district, I say let's make it easier for people to enjoy them. We originally thought about turning Minute Maid Park into Minute Maid Parking Lot, but after last night's win by the Astros, we're holding off on this. Although we might put this up to a referendum one day.

Williams Waterwall
The tall waterfall in the Galleria/Uptown area is grand and all, but can you imagine how many cars you could get in a parking garage there? Great for the holidays when everyone is trying to buy presents for grandma at the mall nearby. That green space next to it would go too. No mowing!

McGovern Lake at Hermann Park
The McGovern Lake next to the Houston Zoo is nice for about five seconds and then you move on. There is fishing available, but only for those age 12 and younger and 65 and older. Fill her in with cement and start moving in the cars. Forget boat rides...hello follow people to their cars like a shark parking rides. Have you been to the Zoo on holidays or the summer? You'll love this idea then.

San Jacinto Monument
We've celebrated the Battle of San Jacinto since the 1930s with The San Jacinto Monument. According to Wikipedia, the monument is 567.31-feet high topped with a 220-ton star. That's a lot of upkeep. This could be more parking for the Houston Ship Channel, Monument Inn and Lynchburg Ferry.

Houston Arboretum & Nature Center
I have loved the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center since I was a kid and have taken my children there many times. But...what about a nature themed parking lot sort of like you find near The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion? Park your car and walk through "the forest" as you make your way to run at Memorial Park, play golf or have a picnic.

Eleanor Tinsley Park
Downtown is only going to get more office workers. Take out Eleanor Tinsley Park and put in a parking garage that overlooks Buffalo Bayou. And think of the Freedom Over Texas 4th of July celebration. No need to walk to watch fireworks, just park in the 20 story garage, walk to the edge of your floor and enjoy the light show! Food vendors would walk through each floor selling refreshments.

Clearly this is a genius idea. Click here for more info, or here to contact me.

I'm also excited about hearing your input in the commments section below.

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