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Friday, March 22, 2013

Astrodome video offers rare, dreamy views inside

Astrodome Tour / Astrodome✶Tomorrow from HD Home Movies on Vimeo.

In light of the latest Houston Astrodome demolition desires, here is a beautifully haunting video of our former domed stadium. This dream like glimpse inside, and even from on top of the domed roof, was from a 2012 tour with Astrodome Tomorrow. A group that seems to have as much of a dream like vision for the Dome as was featured in the video.

As a native Houstonian, I'd like to see the Astrodome restored in some way, but that is probably not going to happen. As I wrote last fall, the place is falling a part and my guess, it's a bureaucratic waiting game...keep the ideas coming, deny them and let the place crumble all by itself to the point it has to go. Problem solved and no hard feelings come election time.

I actually covered Hurricane Katrina relief in 2005 at the Astrodome and wrote back then that it was like being captured in a time warp since it looked just the same as the day they shut it down...except for the disrepair part.

The Eighth Wonder of the World has been featured in films and in the last few years was proposed to actually become a movie studio itself.

Stay strong old friend.


  1. so who cares about this damned behemoth? I don't. I don't like anything about Houston. The stench reaches us here in OKC.

  2. So for something collecting dust and falling apart at the seams they invest a little money in a current Reliant Astrodome logo above the North entrance?

  3. Thank's for posting my video here. It was the first time I was in the building, but hopefully not the last. I hope as well that something fascinating and breathtaking can be done with such a monumental structure or it would reflect very poorly on Houston's imagination and sense of history as a city.


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