Friday, December 14, 2012

KPRC 2's Nefertiti Jáquez to WCAU, KRIV's Kane to Central Florida News 13

Three years ago, I wrote how then new KPRC 2 reporter Nefertiti Jáquez had been very popular at Philadelphia's Fox 29. I'd say she made a splash in Houston over the last few years too. In fact she made my Top 5 Houston TV Twitter users list.

Guess it's no surprise that she's heading back to Philly, but this time to NBC10 News WCAU.

"I have recently decided to pursue my career goals closer to home, and my family," Jáquez told "I will be leaving at the end of the year. I am truly leaving here with mixed feelings; happy about the next step in my life, but sad to be leaving such a great city and community."

Jáquez leaves us December 31st.

*updated with Nefertiti Jáquez quote for this blog


I told how Fox 26 KRIV reporter Kristin Kane was leaving the station in November. That time has come and gone and she gave her goodbye message. Well, Kane just announced her new gig on Facebook last night:

Guess who's moving back to Florida?!?! I am so excited to announce I'm joining Central Florida News 13 in Orlando as an Anchor/Reporter! I start January 14th and I will be anchoring Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings and reporting Monday mornings. Extra long anchoring hours will allow me to have 3 days off every week. I'm thrilled to be joining a very talented news team and Tom & I are looking forward to calling Orlando home!

- KPRC 2 reporters Reyna and Jáquez caught in the act
- Fox 26's Kristin Kane engaged


  1. Hey Mike, I bet that Bob Allen's last day at KTRK 13 will be December 31st

  2. Well Kristin will be working for a Tv station at my home away from Disney World.

  3. Nef was horrible and never should have been hired. Listening to her voice was like hearing a chapter out of Sachse's own fake enunciation and concern; and Nef always was nodding her head and wearing gaudy outfits. Won't be missed.

  4. Dangit! All of the hotties are leaving!

  5. Look who is back! The Texas Troll! Fat sweaty slob jealous of Sachse and Jaquez. Keep eating Twinkies and being jealous of women with more brains and beauty than you. You're pathetic and I'm sure you cry yourself to sleep at night.

  6. I met Neff on a story once and thought she was a nice, genuine person. She was professional and there was nothing wrong with the way she dressed. Dominique emcees many of our events. She's a class act. Someone seems jealous.

  7. Houston's loss, Philly's gain.

  8. Love Nef. She did a story on our family and we really appreciated her kindness!

  9. Good riddance! Her breathy dramatics alway irritated me. Example,"That's the very latest from "insert Houston area" KPRC local twoooooo." So glad to see her out of Houston altogether.

  10. She was one of my favs at Ch2. Met her and Mary Lee at Central Market on their day off one weekend and they were super sweet. Just very down to earth.


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