Wednesday, May 30, 2012

740 KTRH's Lois Melkonian leaves Houston

Lois Melkonian courtesy Clear Channel
Tomorrow is NewsRadio 740 KTRH anchor Lois Melkonian's last day at the Clear Channel Houston station.

"I'm joining my husband in Denver, preparing to care for my parents, then branching out to explore new opportunities," Melkonian told over email. "The people here at KTRH have been wonderful."

Matt Patrick and Melkonian replaced longtime Houston morning news duo Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard on KTRH last July. The station was re-branded itself as NewsTalk 740, but then reversed course months later.

Melkonian, an accomplished journalist, came from KOA radio in Denver. Before Denver, she was a TV reporter/anchor at KGO 7 in San Francisco. Ahead of the TV gigs, she worked at KCBS Radio in San Francisco.

In other KTRH news, All Access is reporting that the station's web reporter Samantha Jordan is leaving the station in June. Jordan has emailed me to say this is not true.

740 KTRH's Joe Gomez to 1080 KRLD


  1. I really like Lois Melkonian. Sad to see her go.

  2. She's a classy lady who brought a lot of much needed class to mornings on the otherwise low class KTRH.

    Knowing as we do how life at KTRH REALLY is, I have to say she's leaving in a very classy way. She's clearly not one to burn the bridge, no matter how she might really feel when the mike is off. I wish her the best, and we will miss her.

  3. Lois Melkonian is a class act no doubt. She will be missed very much. There are no news alternatives to KTRH on the radio except that new station and they suck.

  4. If Samantha Jordan leaves I won't have any reason to listen to that morning show. She's the one bright shining personality of the station that's left.

  5. For the short time she was here in Houston, Lois was a great choice to replace Lana Hughes, but even as classy as she is, Lois could never take her place as the greatest female radio news anchor in Houston history. I was very glad to see that Lana and J.P. both were picked up by the new News 92.1 FM, so we can still catch them somewhere locally rather than say goodbye to them forever. I still miss them on 740, but it was a decision that Bryan Erickson and his staff have to live with for as long as they work at KTRH, so perhaps the fact that 92.1 FM picked them up immediately should make the powers that be at 740 realize that they made a colossal mistake. This is of course no fault of Ms. Melkonian's because she is a true professional in her own right, and we wish her well as she resumes her life in Denver. I'm still trying to get used to Matt Patrick, by the way.

  6. Lois Rocks !!!

  7. Firing Lana and J.P. was a huge debacle. Lois leaving is no great loss at all. She wasa short-timer, as is Matt Patrick, most likely. There are so many head-scratching moves being made at NewsTalk stations right now. Sam Malone's ouster at KSEV and his replacement by the truly awful Mack... Where's the logic in these moves?

  8. we get moby and 97 rock back we will do some good. miss ya lois.

  9. What happened with Sam Malone at KSEV? I know he's got his own internet show. I quit listening to KSEV ages ago. Dan & Edd -- no thanks.

    I also wonder whatever happened to King John (Matthews), who had huge ratings on KSEV until his colossal problem was "exposed."

    It's always hard to find out things that go on behind the scenes.
    Imagine that!

    Lastly, can someone PLEASE make some letters that we can read to prove we aren't robots?!


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