Friday, June 01, 2012

740 KTRH's Joe Gomez to 1080 KRLD

740 KTRH reporter Joe Gomez is leaving for NewsRadio 1080 KRLD in Dallas Fort-Worth. He will continue his role as a reporter for the CBS owned station.

"I had many great times at KTRH and got the opportunity to get my feet wet in a major market," Gomez told "I'll take away some valuable lessons about the business from my time there and thank all the amazing people I worked with."

According to his bio, Gomez is a regular on the CBS and Fox Radio Networks. Some of the hightlights of his time on KTRH include going undercover in Juarez, Mexico and traveling into the pirate-infested waters of Falcon Lake.

Here is video of Gomez in action.

Gomez will be in Houston for a few more weeks.

"I'm looking ahead to KRLD in Dallas now and hope that I can help an already award winning radio station achieve further greatness," Gomez told me.

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  1. Hudson and Erickson chase yet another KTRH staff member to Dallas. Way to go, fellas! You guys are AWESOME at keeping your employees loyal!!!!!

  2. Joe who?? Why do I care about this guy? I've never even heard of him.

  3. Still bitter there, P.O.?

  4. He's too cute for radio!!!

    1. Who is saying this guy is too cute? I thought this blog was just for guys who like to stare at big boobs...finally a woman as sexist as us men on

    2. Actually, I'm a guy ;)

  5. Joe, stop posting about yourself.

  6. I hope doesn't replace Kidd Kraddick here in Dallas bc I love KK!!!!


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