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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Matt Patrick's first day on NewsTalk 740 KTRH

Matt Patrick and Lois Melkonian finished their first day on the new NewsTalk 740 KTRH “Houston’s Morning News with Matt Patrick.” The two gave video recaps on the KTRH YouTube account with an old NewsRadio 740 KTRH banner behind them (see video embed below).

I'm getting lots of reader complaints today concerning the dismissal of Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard from the newscast.

So did you listen to the new morning radio show? I did not.  I'm still having trouble getting Matt Patrick's name correct because of Matt Thomas on 790 KBME and Dan Patrick on 700 KSEV.

More interesting is the talk Matt Patrick had with the other KTRH (and 950 KPRC) big dog Michael Berry the other day. Berry told Patrick that Houston has hot TV weather women, but then singled out KPRC 2 traffic reporter Jennifer Reyna as the hottest. The former city councilman then told Patrick the story of how KTRH traffic guy Darby Douglas was let go from KHOU 11 and replaced with 'hottie' Katherine Whaley (Berry did not mention Whaley by name).


  1. They do realize Darby now works for CC, right? Not cool.

  2. Darby was actually doing traffic during this he was in the building with them.


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