Monday, December 12, 2011

KHOU 11 morning promos hit the Houston streets

KHOU 11 took to the streets to tell Houston about 11 News This Morning and created these promos. These have aired on TV months ago but only recently went online. The ads feature Ron Trevino, Christine Haas, Katherine Whaley and David Paul going to the METRO Light Rail and Memorial Park.

- KHOU 11 returns anchor Ron Trevino to morning newscast
- KHOU 11 feedback on new slogan/logo plus anchor IDs
- KHOU 11's new graphics and image spot


  1. Gonna have to retire these. About to be a change in their a.m. lineup. Just saying ...

  2. Rumor is they are moving Ron again. He's been terrible to his co-anchors and clearly hates his coanchors. It's uncomfortable to watch him constantly trying to one up everyone. I changed the channel.

  3. I hope they bring Vicente back and get rid of Christine.

  4. No way. Vicente?!? Christine is the only thing going on that show. At least she's awake! The rest are tired

  5. Katherine Whaley should be anchoring

  6. They got rid of Christine Haas on January 6, 2012 and will be replaced by Lily Jang on February 13, 2012 (which was announced in November 2011)


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