Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KHOU 11 feedback on new slogan/logo plus anchor IDs

I've received a lot of comments about the new KHOU 11 slogan and logo. One question that kept coming up concerned the station's longtime slogan "The Spirit of Texas." So is that phrase out?

Lisa Shumate, the KHOU 11 Director of Programming and Marketing, clues us in on that and goes into detail about the station's thinking for developing the new image.

"'KHOU Stands for Houston' emphasizes the connection between our call letters and our television market," Shumate told the blog. "We will now refer to the station as 'KHOU 11.'
The logo redesign includes a two color treatment that calls attention to "HOU" and includes the Texas star. We will no longer be using 'The Spirit of Texas.'"

Shumate adds the feedback on the new campaign has been overwhelmingly positive.

You might remember that KHOU most recently branded itself as Channel 11 or 11 News.

Also while you're here, enjoy some of the new KHOU 11 anchor IDs:

- KHOU 11's new graphics and image spot
- "KHOU 11 Stands For Houston" new logo and slogan


  1. That logo is so ugly it hurts my eyes.

    I hope they did that in-house so they can justify the re-branding costs later when everyone realizes how bad it is.

    I mean, really, is that just Arial italicized? Might as well have used Comic Sans.

  2. the new logo reminds me of fucking K-Mart. Do they have a blue plate special in the lunch dept., too?

  3. The whole thing looks like some 1980's nightmare... and that TV commercial with that cheesy choir! Choir members at our church are going on a temporary break so that people in Houston don't think they were the ones that sang it!

  4. "positive feedback"... bullshxt!!

  5. Leave it to a KPRC fan to leave an F Bomb in his comment That was as classless as the majority of their anchors....

  6. Hey KHOU! 1981 called and they want their logo and pro-mersials back!

  7. KPRC fan said...4/01/2011 11:42:00 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Leave it to a KPRC fan to leave an F Bomb in his comment That was as classless as the majority of their anchors....

    3/30/2011 07:21:00 PM

    Hmm, you are the only classless punk ass bitch here.


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