Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Belo follows Fox and reaches deal with DirecTV


Monday night Fox reached a last minute deal with DirecTV.

That left Texas based Belo at the negotiating table with the satellite service. Through the day on November 1st, Belo ran crawls on stations saying if a deal was not met by midnight Wednesday, the stations would go dark.

Now Broadcasting and Cable is reporting that a deal has been reached (a last minute deal just like Fox):

"We have reached a long-term agreement with Belo that will allow our customers to continue to enjoy their favorite channels and shows," DirecTV said in a statement. "These disputes should never involve viewers and we appreciate our customers' patience as we worked to successfully complete this agreement." READ THE REST

KHOU has also posted a notice on its site:

I am pleased to tell you KHOU and DirecTV have reached an agreement allowing the satellite provider to continue carrying the station’s broadcast signal in Houston. Thank you for your patience during this process. We are grateful to those who called and/or wrote the station over the past few weeks. We received interesting and thoughtful comments, and appreciate that viewers would take the time to share them with us.
Susan McEldoon
President and General Manager

- KHOU, WFAA, KVUE & KENS' battle with DirecTV
- KRIV, KDFW, KTBC and other Fox channels could be off DirecTV


  1. An update: before leaving the house this morning, I did see The Early Show on 11 from DirecTV, however it appears that it's from a national CBS feed because there was no KHOU branding. Places in the commercial break where you would normally see a local affiliate bumper had a generic CBS network bump and there was no 11 logo or weather bug. We'll see what they do tonight during news & prime access. If they're really just patching in a network feed and I wasn't seeing a master control meltdown, it will probably be a grey screen again.

    I'm not necessarily upset at DirecTV over their war with Belo, but with the way they keep trying to lock you in for a 2 year agreement like a cell phone company. I'm not so fanatically happy that I want to stay, but if they keep giving me reasons to leave I'll go.

  2. Directv has NFL Sunday Ticket. It will be a cold day in hell before I drop them for KHOU. Rabbit ears work just fine for the local channels.. and they're free! Belo can suck it.

  3. MrSnarkyPants,

    You should choose Uverse, if available. I have had it for about a year and I love it.

  4. Saw a crawl on KHOU just now... said that unless an agreement is reached, KHOU will be off the air at midnight, tonight.


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