Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KHOU, WFAA, KVUE & KENS' battle with DirecTV


It seems that Texas TV company Belo is in a dispute with DirecTV over carriage of its stations. And those are some pretty big stations in Texas - WFAA, KHOU, KENS and KVUE. At dispute is the amount of money Belo gets from DirecTV for carrying its channels. The TV group argues lesser watched cable channels get a higher level of compensation than its highly watched stations.

That means if a deal is not reached by November 1, you won't see Belo stations on the satellite TV carrier.

Each Belo station has a page on its site dedicated to the issue. Here is some of KHOU's message:

KHOU/CBS have far more viewers on DIRECTV than any single cable channel. Yet KHOU and CBS do not receive the same level of compensation as many lesser-viewed channels. We do not believe that is fair.
DIRECTV and other video providers regularly pay for content from broadcast and cable stations. DIRECTV is undervaluing KHOU/CBS programming…paying more to some cable channels with far fewer viewers. We don’t think that’s fair, and are asking for a level playing field.
We are working to reach a fair agreement and provide as soon as possible, the programming that our viewers value. Any disruption in carriage impacts only DIRECTV customers. No other viewers are impacted. We are working hard to resolve this issue and arrive at an agreement that benefits our valued Houston viewers.
We have also reached comparable agreements with other service providers in Houston.
If we are unable to secure an agreement with DIRECTV, customers who subscribe to the satellite provider’s services will not be able to view KHOU and therefore will need to use our free, over-the-air signal or other video providers (depending on availability) such as DISH Network, a cable company, or a telephone service such as Verizon FiOS or AT&T U-Verse.

Read messages from WFAA, KENS and KVUE.

The Idaho Statesman has an article based on Belo station KTVB's issues with DirecTV. Here is what a spokesperson for DirecTV told the paper:

DirecTV says KTVB is using scare tactics to get more leverage in talks. A warning shot is “something [Belo Corp.] did during similar talks with Time Warner Cable and Dish Network last year,” said Darris Gringeri, a spokesman for DirecTV. “None of those customers ever lost access to Belo stations, and we expect the same positive result here.”


  1. The NBA lockout and this Belo/DirecTV fiasco are almost about the same thing.

  2. nothing more than Belo being greedy....just like other networks who demand they get paid more money to be carried by various carriers. AT&T Uverse won't carry Hallmark channel because Hallmark demands more money.....shame that we pay what we pay for cable or sat TV and these guys argue over millions

  3. The two above posts, I agree.

  4. When I saw this headline I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn’t going to miss my Big Bang Theory on CBS like some DirecTV customer may face on November 1st. I know a lot of people are scared they won’t have time to get another provider before their show comes on an they switch to another TV company before there is a shut off. Frankly since I’ve had my DISH Network employee account I haven’t lost my Denver locals once and no threat of that either. Long live The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men.

  5. There's nothing to be scared about as a viewer; set up an antenna and get the same programming for FREE. Belo stands to lose far more than DirectTV in this battle. So Belo pulls the signal from DirecTV? DirecTV customers get antennas and watch the same digital programming for FREE or choose to not watch the Belo stations at all. DirecTV customers may be slightly inconvenienced but Belo and CBS stand to lose the most if this continues.

  6. Let's just hope that the Texans games will be available on the Sunday Ticket channels and not reference some other channel. Maybe DTV can open up the East or West coast CBS channels in the Houston market since it isn't otherwise available. :)

  7. All who are involved are like most of our politicians, stupid jerks!!!!!

  8. All About Greed !!

  9. Keep KHOU ch 11 on directv. all the good shows are on ch 11. in houston, tx. Take ch 11 KHOU off and I guess I will have to take Directv off and go to another. I am very satisfied with directv but I do not want to lose Ch 11, KHOU Do your best to keep same.

    JJH Spring < Tx

  10. When I woke up this morning, KHOU is a grey screen on DirecTV and all the other channels are there.

    I have rabbit ears and know how to use them, but I may still fire DirecTV over this anyway.

  11. I don't know if this is related to DirectTV or not as I don't have DirecTV I use an HD antennae in the attic.

    KHOU channel 11.1 & 11.2 have been black for many days at a time. Sometimes I get the audio with snaps and pops or the video is just a still picture or scrambled.

    Last night (FEB 7, 2012) it was black (no picture, no audio).

    A few days ago I watched with no problems at all thinking they had finally fixed it. I guess not...

    I get all other channels fine in perfect HD... (including Fox, My TV channel 20.1 , The WB 39.1 / 39.2, ABC, NBC etc. )

    Today...(Feb 8, 2012) same thing 11.1 in crystal clear "black- no picture" HD.


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