Thursday, October 06, 2011

89.3 KSBJ hires Coppelia Rivera as new morning host with Mike Kankelfritz

89.3 KSBJ's Mike Kankelfritz leaving Houston

I told you last July that Susan O'Donnell of the “Morning Show with Mike and Susan” on 89.3 KSBJ was leaving the show to pursue her new duties as the station's program director.

Now KSBJ lets us know that host Mike Kankelfritz has a new broadcasting partner. With more than 10 years of Christian radio experience, Coppelia Rivera joins Mike in the mornings. She has worked for Christian radio stations K-LOVE and The Rock Radio Network.

The station did an interview with both hosts, so listeners can get to know the morning show:

KSBJ: What’s an interesting fact that our listeners may not know about you?

Coppelia Rivera: Growing up in Puerto Rico, I’ve been to many beaches, but I’ve never seen or been in snow. I’ve been in cold weather—when I lived in California we lived close to Tahoe—but I was either too pregnant or my baby was too little for us to go. Plus, we didn’t know anything about driving in snow or getting bundled up for snow.

Mike Kankelfritz: I like to mow the lawn. I enjoy it. I don’t mind sweating. I don’t mind when it’s hot. It’s strange.

KSBJ: Describe your perfect day.

MK: For me, it would be camping in Colorado with my wife, Becky. Waking up, making breakfast—eggs, potatoes, and bacon on a Coleman stove—and then going on a hike and spending the evening around a camp fire roasting hot dogs, making smores, playing cards, and reading a book.

CR: I have a very expensive perfect day. It would include a trip to New York City, Broadway tickets, a really cool expensive restaurant, and a cute hotel in the middle of the city.

KSBJ: What kind of people do you have a soft spot for?

CR: Parents of little kids, from 0-5. It can be a difficult transition going from being a couple to having kids. I want to help parents in the same way I need help.

MK: I gravitate towards whoever is at their lowest station in life, those who really need KSBJ. Listening to our station is a vital part of their day.

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