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Friday, October 07, 2011

KPRC 2's 10pm newscast replaced partially with MSNBC

If you were looking to watch KPRC Local 2's 10pm newscast Thursday night, instead you got MSNBC.

According to a viewer post on the station's official Facebook wall, an on air crawl stated:

"The 10pm newscast will air in it's entirety as soon as the problem is resolved. We apologize for the delay. Local 2 is experiencing technical difficulties."

KPRC 2 had no official posts on Facebook or Twitter about these technical issues, but the viewers certainly did. They stormed the KPRC 2 wall with comments like:

"Another anchor is pregnant!!! #technical difficulties"

"KPRC should at least update it's Facebook page reflecting the issue."

"I am outraged that MSNBC is being broadcast rather than the local 10 pm news! I do not like MSNBC! If I wanted to watch MSNBC, I would do so! I only watch Channel 2 for the local news personnel, not the network vidiots! I will cease to watch the local news if I can't count on actually seeing it!"

Then when the news came on after about 20 minutes:

"Finally!!!! MSNBC was torture!"

"‎21 minutes late but better than never."

As I've stated before, technical difficulties are a fact of life in the TV business. Based on how many systems are tied together in the television world, I'm surprised stations don't have more issues.

KTRK 13's 10pm news hijacked by technical problems

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