Monday, August 15, 2011

Lance Zierlein joins SportsTalk 790 KBME

As I am writing this, former 1560 The Game KGOW's Lance Zierlein is on SportsTalk 790 KBME talking about joining that station. His first day will be next week on August 24th.

Zierlein will be on the Houston Clear Channel station from 7am to 11am.
Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler will still remain on the air from 6am to 10am.
Zierlein will just join them at 7am. He will then solo from 10am to 11am.
Dylan Guin will be on the air from 11am to noon. Matt Thomas will come on at 12pm.

As I just recently posted, Zierlein announced last week he was leaving 1560 The Game KGOW. Sources started telling me then he was going to SportsTalk 790 KBME.

Zierlein said on his appearance with Jackson and Wexler that his move wasn't about the money, it was about a good fit. He also admitted he did not like getting up early and that is why he is coming on at 7am.

(Thanks to all that tipped me off on this)


  1. Yawn...his horrible impressions, poor analysis and usually-wrong football handicapping make him unlistenable, and his juvineille fans unbearable.

  2. He is great!!! The best sports station in town just got better. Say goodbye to 1560

  3. I hope he doesn't ruin Matt & Adam. Lance, I beg of you - please give up the impressions and the jr. high humor. If you just talk sports, you're not all that bad. But the other stuff makes me change the station immediately.


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