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Thursday, December 03, 2009

More changes at 790 KBME

I told you about 610 KILT hosts Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler leaving for the new 790 KBME morning show. We also heard current Sports Animal host Ted DeLuca might do middays.

Now for what really happened:

Former Houston talk show host Matt Thomas will return to his hometown next month to host a midday talk show on KBME (790 AM), and longtime radio fixtures Tom Franklin and David Dalati and talk show host Ted DeLuca are no longer with the station, it was announced today.

The changes announced Thursday represent an almost total revamp of the Clear Channel-owned sports talk station, which earlier this week hired Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler, formerly of KILT (610 AM), as its new morning drive team in an effort to gain traction in Houston’s four-station sports talk derby. READ MORE

610 KILT's Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler are new 790 KBME morning show


  1. The Michael Berry express rolls on, eh?

    This is bad news with regard to Tom Franklin. I hope he will continue as the voice of the Houston Cougars when his current contract is up. He's a real pro. One of the better moves Dave Maggard made as AD was to ensure that UH football and basketball would be heard on a station with a decent signal (790) AND called by a real play-by-play pro. The new UH AD needs to be proactive in ensuring that Clear Channel's response to its own sorry ratings won't negatively affect the UH broadcasts.

  2. Clear Channel does everything in it's power to fuck up their stations it's like they don't want listeners. I hate the host at 610 because they play to much and you get no serious sports talk not 790 hires them WTF. Adam an Wex argue to damn much that's why 610 broke them up. I don't know why the moron that be think i want to hear host talk all damn day long and only taking 1 phone call a hour! i use to listen to 790 for serious sports talk now i have to hear Fat Jackson and his stupid celebraty B Days every fucking morning!

  3. Where's Ted DeLuca? i enjoyed monsters of the miday

  4. What happened to Monsters of the Midday???? The current programming now with the exception of Dan Patrick and Charlie P, stinks! Bring back the Monsters PLEASE.

  5. Too bad about Ted...I thought he was doing a better job since Lopez booked for 610. Ted brought had in-depth analyses of sport situations. Lopez is much too crass on the air. The current guys are definitely a step down for KBME sports shows.

  6. What a shame. Delucca and Dalati were both great. I know no longer listen to 790. Sorry Charlie but Dalati added to your show. I now listen to satelite radio.

  7. Does anyone know what Ted is doing now?


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