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Monday, November 30, 2009

610 KILT's Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler are new 790 KBME morning show

Here is an update to what I blogged about last week. I just got off the phone with Clear Channel Houston AM operations director (and 740 KTRH host) Michael Berry about the new 790 KBME Sports Animal hires.

We all kind of knew that 610 KILT hosts Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler were leaving for 790 KBME last week. Now Berry has confirmed to me that the two will be the new morning show hosts for The Sports Animal from 6 to 10am.

Berry says he believes both Jackson and Wexler sound like two good friends you might overhear at a bar arguing about sports. They aren't afraid to call each other out and know their stuff. He says the duo are very natural at what they do.

So what does that mean for current morning show host Ted DeLuca? Berry tells the blog that DeLuca will move to the 790 KBME middays slot and could also work on other sports related duties.

The new schedule starts this coming Monday.

All of these changes at CBS Houston are making some 610 KILT listeners a little nervous. This anonymous comment came in on my last week Jackson/Wexler post:

If your a 610 fan it has got to be a little troubling that they have lost in 6 months, Andre Ware, Adam clayton, and now Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler. Listeners dont like change. Did 610 get a new program director that has been a major pain? It sucked losing Dre and Adam, especially Adam, it seemed like they were giving him more space and leeway and it was positive. Maybe they thought he was to much of a Rome wannabe. I like Wex, and Matt Jackson can be good but also annoying at times. Really makes you wonder about 610 though.

The answer is that there is new management for the original sports station in town and changes have no doubt been made. COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here