Friday, November 27, 2009

Jackson and Wexler jump ship from 610 KILT to 790 KBME

610 KILT's Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler are new 790 KBME morning show - CONFIRMED

Here I thought I could be lazy for a few days during the holiday, but Houston radio sports guys are changing sides so I am back:

Talk show hosts Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler have left CBS Radio's KILT (610 AM), apparently to become morning show co-hosts at Clear Channel Radio's KBME (790 AM). READ MORE

I contacted Clear Channel AM operations director Michael Berry about this Wednesday and he said he'll talk about it on Monday. David Barron says more changes are coming.

You will remember that John Lopez just left 790 KBME for 610 KILT so they are even.


  1. I may be the only one but I think this is a big win for 790. Wexler is very good and I find Matt Jackson funny. The two of them together are good and 610 messed up not giving morning drive to Wexler.

  2. Jackson and Wexler jump from the top-rated sports station in Houston to join a station that's part of a sinking ship (Clear Channel). Check back in a year...I'd be surprised if 790 is still a sports station then. To top that, Wexler will likely have to give up his Rockets home color job (610 won't want a guy from the competition on their air) and Jackson says goodbye to any Texans gameday coverage. My unwise move for both. I guess time will be the ultimate judge though.

  3. If your a 610 fan it has got to be a little troubling that they have lost in 6 months, Andre Ware, Adam clayton, and now Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler. Listeners dont like change. Did 610 get a new program director that has been a major pain? It sucked losing Dre and Adam, especially Adam, it seemed like they were giving him more space and leeway and it was positive. Maybe they thought he was to much of a Rome wannabe. I like Wex, and Matt Jackson can be good but also annoying at times. Really makes you wonder about 610 though.

  4. The answer is yes. Two new bosses have moved in over the last few months.


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