Tuesday, August 16, 2011

James Franco kills 950 KPRC's Michael Garfield on ABC's General Hospital

Breaking news... Didn't screw my scene with #JamesFranco... on TwitpicNever thought I would get an opportunity to write that headline but it is true - 950 KPRC's Michael Garfield aka "The High Tech Texan" will be killed off by Academy Award nominee James Franco on ABC's General Hospital. Well. I should say Franco's character kills Garf's character. Look for the excitement in three upcoming episodes starting near the end of September.

Garf flew out to Los Angeles last weekend to tape the special episodes. Normally the show does not tape on weekends, but a special exception was made for Garfield Franco. Seems the former Oscar host is shooting a movie in Detroit right now - I'm referring to Franco, not Garf this time. According to IMDB, that movie is Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Shot of the day for #GH fans.  @1SteveBurton, #JamesFranco, @... on TwitpicAccording to the Huffington Post, Frano first appeared on the soap back in 2009 as a serial killer, named Robert "Franco" Frank. Clearly ABC wants you to know who is playing the role in case you don't recognize him. And why not? I'm no soap enthusiast, but I don't think actors of Franco's caliber go on soaps for the thrill of it usually.

This is a big deal for Garf obviously. Not many Houston radio talents go on soap operas to be killed off by an Oscar nominee and show host. Even more special for the Garf clan, his wife has been watching the show for nearly 30 years. She likes the soap so much, that for his marriage proposal to her, Garf videotaped himself on one knee with a ring and edited into an episode of GH they were watching. That sounds like above and beyond.

As for Franco, you might be calling him doc soon. That's because he has been accepted for the doctoral program in literature and creative writing at the University of Houston.

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