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Monday, August 08, 2011

Bug in mouth strikes former KPRC 2 staffer on live TV


Former KPRC 2 meteorologist Wes Hohenstein just made The Drudge Report and the UK's The Daily Mail. And it's for something that has happened to another Houston TV person too.

 We all know that Fox 26 KRIV reporter Isiah Carey AKA The Insite is known as the bug in mouth reporter. Heck, he was just celebrated on Comedy Central's Tosh.O for it. But now Hohenstein, who left Houston in 2006, got a moth in his mouth while trying to deliver a weather report at his station NBC17 WNCN-TV Raleigh, North Carolina.

 We know from watching Hohenstein on Houston TV that he is a consummate professional. So how did he handle it? He says he thought about swatting it away, but then decided that wouldn't be appropriate for television. So he just swallowed the moth and kept going. Even declined water, but eventually did give in when someone handed him some.

"What happened to me, could happen to anyone," Hohenstein told "Being a victim of RMS (Random Moth Swallowings) is a serious thing, that's why I'm encouraging everyone to only talk with your mouth closed!"

 The anchor joked with Wes that the good news was this will never get on YouTube. Wes just responded dryly, "You-what?" Well look on the bright side, at least it's probably extra protein for Wes and a whole lot of publicity.

 You can follow Wes on Twitter at WeatherWes or 'like' his Facebook page at NBC17 Weather Wes Hohenstein.

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