Monday, July 18, 2011

WFAA's Gary Reaves leaves, KTRK ad from '71, vain TV reporter and more

Gary Vosot and his Vain TV News Reporter Reel. More standup cliches than you can shake a microphone at.

WFAA8's Gary Reaves decides it's time to retire
Reporter Gary Reaves, a stalwart at WFAA8 in two tenures totaling 24 years, is retiring from the Dallas-based station. His last day will be on August 1st.

KTRK Ad From 1971: Typewriters! Reel-to-Reel Tape! Bullfights! Who Wouldn't Tune In?
This is an advertisement for Channel 13's Eyewitness News circa 1971 and it uses the Mission: Impossible theme.

KPRC Shuffle: Fill-in Fun
KPRC 2's Jennifer Reyna offers a glimpse into her anchor fill-in duties.

Fox4's new Good Day Sunday gives Adrian Arambulo an anchor shot amid surrounding shot clocks
Fronted by Fox4's cutest male news personality but hijacked by a quartet of opinion-spewing "4 Minutes" segments, the Dallas-based station's new Sunday morning Good Day edition is off to a rather odd start.

Former KHOU 11 reporter makes New York Times marriage page
Former KHOU 11 reporter Lee McGuire made the New York Times marriage page. Ceremony was led by Lisa Foronda. (Thanks Chris)

Veteran journalist Mike Cronin joins the Texas Watchdog news team
Texas Watchdog is pleased to announce that veteran journalist Mike Cronin will be joining its award-winning team of reporters.

Changes afoot for San Antonio TV personalities
How about playing a little catch-up with some longtime San Antonio TV faces?

Are Beat Reporters Key To Better TV News?
The beat system, under which reporters cover their beats — and only their beats — hasn’t existed in many TV newsrooms for years. And some believe that it's contributed to a decline in the quality of local TV news.

Culture Map Austin launch set for Monday
Inside Culture Map’s central Austin office, life is busy. On Monday the staff will launch Austin's first Daily digital Magazine centered on Austin's Culture.

Exclusive June PPM Analysis: Dallas
Dallas-Fort Worth June 2011: KISS Still On Top; KBOC, KVIL Big Demo Gainers.

CC Houston director of sales move
Dan Endom is named Market Manager for Clear Channel Radio-Nashville. Endom previously served as Director of Sales for all eight CCR-Houston stations since 2006.

WFAA: Hansen Style
These spots were produced back in the '90s with WFAA 8 sports dude Dale Hansen.

Ex-Fox News personality Glenn Beck heading to North Texas
Former Fox News Channel personality Glenn Beck is bound for Texas.

Radio Sales Exec Wins Retaliation Claim
A former Radio One employee will take another stab at her sex discrimination claims after securing one win against the radio broadcasting company for retaliation. Corina Allen said she was a commended employee at Radio One of Texas where she spent five years as the general sales manager for its Houston radio station, KBXX.

How many households in Houston would you say actually watch dtv channels?
Let’s look at the numbers. There are 2,177,220 households with TV in the Houston market.

KRLD Restaurant Week
KRLD Restaurant Week runs August 15 - August 21. More than 125 area restaurants will be offering 3-course meals at $35 per person, with proceeds benefiting the North Texas Food Bank in Dallas and the Lena Pope Home in Fort Worth.

Tribune’s ‘Dr. Steve’ Picks Up 13 Markets
Dr. Steve, Tribune Broadcasting’s health, wellness and lifestyle program, that is now playing in four markets will jump to 13 more this fall including KDAF Dallas and KIAH Houston.

Bounce TV announces September debut date
The network announced that it will be seen on Belo Corp.'s KHOU-TV in Houston, the country's eighth-largest African-American market.

Meteorologist Julie Bologna to leave WPXI-TV
Remember Julie Bologna from KTVT/KTXA-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth?

Baylor College of Medicine neuroscientist and NYT bestselling author David Eagleman will be on The Colbert Report July 21st. (Thanks PR Fairy Susan Farb Morris)

- Hacking Scandal: Brooks Arrested, Hinton Resigns
- Weather Porn: 5 Examples of When Meteorologists Go Bad
- In Defense of Sleazy Journalism
- Barack Obama Is Totally Biased Against Fox News
- Let’s Ban Books, or at Least Stop Writing Them
- Rural Newspapers Doing Better Than Their City Counterparts
- CNBC Names New Anchors to ‘Squawk on the Street’
- Oprah to Take Top Post at Her Network
- 2011 Emmy Award Nominees
- Numerous radio stations about to add local TV news
- ‘Today’ Looks Back at 60 Years of Breaking News

- HuffPo Suspends Writer for Doing ‘What We Were Taught and Told to Do’
- Why Google+ Is Poised To Fail
- Spotify launches in the US (I just got an invite, seems pretty cool)
- Pseudonyms in comments: Reasons to allow them
- Best practices for engaging users on Facebook

- 89.3 KSBJ’s Susan O'Donnell leaving morning show
- KPRC 2 grabs Mark Boyle from WFTV 9 Orlando
- Texas Radio Hall of Fame inductees for 2011
- 102.1 The Edge KDGE gets Josh Venable as dude in charge
- KHOU 11 announces 4pm newscast
- KHOU 11's Chita Johnson from KRCR can dance and rap
- KPRC 2 anchor Owen Conflenti planks on live TV
- Ken Hoffman returns to 1560 The Game KGOW


  1. Do you also post artiucles whenever heterosexual couples in thebusiness get married, or are only the gay "marriages" worthy of being promoted here?

  2. I have posted other links to Houston and Dallas media marriage mentions in the New York Times.

  3. Good enough for me -- as long as you're consistent.

  4. Wow, 12:08. Homophobic much? Marriage in quotes? I guess those of us who are gay are lesser folks in your book. Classy.

  5. Nice try, 6:08. I placed "marriage" in quotes simply because, IMHO, even if you legislate the right to marry, at the end of the day the only true marriage is between a man and a woman. Nothing homophobic about it. Am all for civil unions. Am all for beneficiary rights, estate and healthcare coverage. But I am not on board with gay marriage nor do I recognize it as valid. So get off your weak minded, play-the-victim and toss out baseless accusations pulpit, and go attack someone else with your vomit.

  6. Sorry, but saying gays can't/shouldn't marry is homophobic. Spin it however you want, but it's true.

  7. The true "spin" is being done by you, esp when you decide to make your own definition of homophobic, 11:00.
    As an example, my simple minded friend: I also agree with the current law that says you must be born here to serve as president. Therefore, I believe Obama can serve as president, but Swartzenegger can never run for president. Does this make me a bigot, an Anti-Austrian, and a racist since I do not agree with many in the GOP who'd like to have that law removed from the books to serve their own agenda? Jackass...

  8. Mike, thanks for posting! Didn't mean to trigger an international incident there, wow. Anyway, Lisa did a great job officiating - the Governor of Massachusetts granted her a one-day certification to perform a legal marriage. Pretty cool stuff and we couldn't be happier. (I'm not sure we're blog-worthy, given that I haven't been on TV there in a year and a half, but I'll take what I can get!)



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