Saturday, June 11, 2011

KTRK 13's Houston Rockets focused newscast from 6/11/1995

What was happening in Houston back in 1995? The Rockets were about to be champions for a second time by sweeping the Orlando Magic. Pertinent today as new head coach Kevin McHale takes commentator I heard said McHale could be the new Rudy Tomjanovich.

KTRK 13 was on the case. Then anchors Bob Boudreaux and Minerva Perez were tossing to reporters Jim Bergamo (now KVUE 24 Austin), Stuart Stanley and sports guy Tim Melton (the only one mentioned still working for the station).

- Bob Boudreaux and Dr. Red Duke together for award
- Former KTRK 13 anchor Minerva Perez talks to Mike McGuff about new show, U2


  1. The Rockets are still going to be a fuckin' joke. I mean they hired that punk Van Gumby and he sucked ass. He took this team so far down I doubt McHale can raise the Fifth Ward players out of the mud.

  2. Mavs fan living in NYC6/12/2011 11:45:00 PM

    Who gives a flip about the Houston Rockets???

    Now about them Dallas Mavs??? They kicked ass and won against the Heat. Again I ask, who freaking cares about the Rockets?

    Mavs are NBA world champs! Fuck yeah!

  3. Van Gundy was the best coach we've had, Auerbach...whatcha smokin? The sad thing is how thgis town hangs on and fondly discusses the 1995 title. That was 16 years ago. We as pathetic as the 35 year old who's highlight in life was his senior year in high school when he went to State playoffs...


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