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Friday, June 10, 2011

Kidd Kraddick replaces Maria Todd mornings on Mix 96.5 KHMX

Atom Smasher ready to shake things up at Mix 96.5 KHMX

UPDATE 7/27/2013
Radio's Kidd Kraddick has died

CBS Radio Houston announced today that Dallas-based syndicated morning show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning will take over the morning show slot from the legendary Maria Todd and co-host Brad Booker at Mix 96.5 KHMX this coming Monday, June 13.

Kidd Kraddick and crew will air from 5 to 9am.

“Mix 96-5 is a long-time Houston favorite radio brand and Kidd’s show is a perfect compliment," said Senior Vice President and Market Manager for CBS RADIO Houston, Brian Purdy. "It’s topical, fun and entertaining and we know our listeners are going to love it.”

I'm surprised Kidd Kraddick didn't show up in Houston earlier. Especially in the time period Mix 96.5 was owned by Clear Channel. Kidd's home station is Clear Channel owned 106.1 KISS FM KHKS.

“Houston has been at the top of our affiliate wish list for nearly ten years," Kraddick said. "We do really well in all of our Texas markets so it looks like a natural and logical next step. We’ve had opportunities in Houston in the past but the circumstances were never exactly right. We only want to be on if we can win, and with CBS as our partner for the first time, we think we have a chance to do well.”

As for Maria Todd, she will move to afternoon drive from 2 to 7pm on Mix 96.5.

“We are thrilled to have Maria continue to be part of the on-air line-up of Mix 96-5," said KHMX Program Director Tracy Austin. "She is a beloved Houston personality and it makes sense that she has her own show!”

Austin says Todd's show will be a mix of hit music, listener calls and her signature entertainment news. CBS did not say what will happen to co-host Booker.

Both Austin and Todd previously worked across the street at 104.1 KRBE.

Here is more about Kidd Kraddick:

With its ensemble cast, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is known for being completely irreverent and hilarious in one moment, then profoundly touching the next. Kidd and his crew have been lauded for their commitment to charity with Kidd’s Kids - the show’s signature charitable cause which sends terminally and chronically ill children and their families to Walt Disney World each November. The show is heard in 85 markets across the country and Kraddick says his 86th affiliate will get lots of attention.

CBS Houston confirms to me that Brad Booker will no longer be with the station. That also includes former Mix 96.5 KHMX afternoon guy Dave Morales. Maria Todd takes his slot and CBS says Morales is gone too. Morales previously worked in Dallas at 106.1 KISS FM where Kraddick broadcasts from. He also has worked at Hot 95.7 KKHH and the now defunct 102.9 The Planet KKPN.

Atom Smasher ready to shake things up at Mix 96.5 KHMX

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