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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fox 26 KRIV getting high profile candidates for former Barajas anchor gig

Just because Fox 26 KRIV has the only 9pm newscast in Houston with anchors (KIAH 39 famously dropped all talent for anchorless NewsFix), doesn't mean the Fox owned and operated station is skimping on experience when it concerns former anchor Mike Barajas' replacement.

Sources inside Fox 26 tell me two high profile anchor candidates have been to the station in the last weeks vying for the open main anchor gig. One name I heard is a big 3 network correspondent. The other is a big market anchor for a station on the East Coast with national experience too.

“We have no announcements to make at this time,” a KRIV spokesperson told me when I asked about the candidates.

The former Mike Barajas seat wasn't cold yet and even I received an email from a reporter at a top station in Los Angeles asking me about the position. Guess the big boys use their reporter skills and leave no stone unturned when applying for a position. That shows a lot of wisdom. Clearly the KRIV main anchor gig is a hot property.

So it appears KRIV is not just looking at up and coming middle market stars...although that could be in the cards for all we know too (I put this part in the post because I don't want to look too foolish in case the station hires a 24 year old from Boise, Idaho as the main anchor :)   ).

- "KRIV and Barajas mutually agreed to part ways"
- Mike Barajas' old job posted by Fox 26 KRIV
- TV anchors named Barajas taking over Houston and Texas


  1. HEY!! I moved to Texas as a 24-year-old reporter from Boise, Idaho. careful.......

  2. "KIAH 39 famously dropped all talent for anchorless NewsFix" Gadney had, and has, no talent.

  3. I disagree. I think Gradney would be a great choice for Fox. She still has fans that will happily jump ship from NewsFix to watch her on Fox.

  4. Don't think for one second that Dart and the guy in the ND office will hire a good main anchor. Dart's idea of a good candidate is anyone from the network level, and he does not seem to know the difference between a seasoned, well versed journalist or a girl that wants to be an entertainment reporter. He drooled over the last anchor who came loaded with "network experience." He was blind to the fact that she was not an anchor, much less a real journalist unless she was working her way through a publicity junket. She was pretty though. It was funny, Dart seemed shocked when she went right back to LA. The ND, well , so far he has hired young women of the same color who all seem to be a little light in experience. Even the CW hires people with a year of TV experience, but that's not important to the man in the corner office at 26. Let's face it, if you have to make an excuse as to why a person was hired then you are doing a lousy job. As for Mia- she's great, but I doubt her fans also watch Newsfix, and Fox needs viewers, not fans. Fox should go with Ford or Tom as the main anchor, bringing in an outsider is just going to make matters worse.

  5. Fox has destroyed their credit. The moved Melissa, axed Mike and have no talent, just fluff. (Like channel 2!) I really hope they pull Gina Gaston over so I can watch Channel 13 with out her. I just don;t like her. (and the fact they kick Fryer out to bring her and her demands back)

  6. Having fans, and having talent, are two very different things. But even Mia would be an improvement over that annoying blonde marble-mouth that 26 has on air now.


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