Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mike Barajas' old job posted by Fox 26 KRIV

I believe it was just posted this week because that's when I started getting inquiries about it. Here is former KRIV Fox 26 anchor Mike Barajas' job:

Anchor/Reporter -- Full Time -- Regular
Anchor 5P and 9P newscasts M-F and also develop/produce field and series pieces for various newscasts, web, and social media outlets. Will maintain daily blog, represent station in community activities, and mentor less experienced reporters, producers, and anchors. Will participate in editorial process and foster proper newsroom etiquette and philosophy. Requires degree in Journalism or related field and 5 years experience as broadcast television anchor. Must be computer literate and proficient with multi-media formats. Need to have excellent communication skills and demonstrate positive attitude, leadership skills and good news judgment.

Below the anchor job post is another one that caught my eye:

Photographer -- Full Time -- Regular
Shoot on Panasonic P2 and non-linear edit. Operate camera, lights, wireless mics, portable/permanent editing gear, Avstar newsroom software, cell phone, and 2-way. Safely operate microwave live truck while following company and industry safety standards. Must willingly accept direction from Assignment Desk. Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or related field preferred. Three years paid broadcast news experience as a photographer/photojournalist required.

First of all, while I was working for KIAH 39 and we'd run into Fox 26 field crews, I don't think they were shooting on a Panasonic P2 camera. This must be new.

But forget about the technical stuff, my favorite line is "Must willingly accept direction from Assignment Desk." How many newsrooms have you seen the assignments desk editors and field crews butt heads? Oh right...all of them!


  1. Kriv has been using the P2 cameras and cards for about 4 1/2 years if memory serves. Univision also uses the P2 format in town.

  2. Above poster is correct, the first P2 trials were during hurricane Katrina. Shortly after they went complete P2. As for needing a photographer, they seem to let as many quality photographers go as they do on air personnel. I wonder how they will manage to hire a young, non qualified, attractive female for for the photographer position?

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  4. what exactly is the truth that's being hidden???

  5. Mike, Who in the world did you make mad?

  6. Kriv has been a joke for sometime now. They ran all of the core group off the past 3 years, to save a buck. The am show is TMZ lite, the 5pm is a total mess and the 9pm is a shadow of a strong news cast. But they sell ads and that's all Fox really cares about the news is just the glue that holds it all together.

  7. To be Honest the ratings for the 9pm with Mike and Fran, Melissa, or Anna never really did well. It was felt that Mike was the pull down, and Fox grew a pair and made a move that should have been done 10 years ago.

  8. My favorite line on the anchor job posting:
    Will participate in editorial process and foster proper newsroom etiquette and philosophy.

    Since when do anchors do anything but get big paychecks, show up late, take long dinner breaks and snub the little people they work with on a daily basis?

  9. You got that right about anchors. Best job in the biz!

  10. I am soooo excited that Mike landed at KTUU in Anchorage, AK.

  11. in the know is an idiot. mike barjas is NOT in Alaska. I know him personally an dif you every read this blog you will know that mike mcguff would have updated us if he was there. He is not there. In the know... just because you say and post this a million times, does not make it true. get a life.

  12. Anonymous @ 4/08/2011 12:38:00 PM

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  13. hey In the know...

    Fuck me? No, how about FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!

    I am Mike's friend and I will not let you write made up shit.

    I know who you are and I will make sure you don't forget me!


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