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Monday, November 08, 2010

106.9 The Point KHPT is now Houston's 106.9 The Zone! Alternative Hits

106.9 The Point KHPT was a station I was excited about in 2000 when it signed on playing 80s music. In the last few years I totally forgot about it.

That is hard for someone like me who blogs about Houston media too. That tells you how much it really sucked.

Well Cox is trying to do something about that sucking sound you've heard on the 106.9 frequency. Today the radio trades are Buzzing that KHPT is now Houston's 106.9 The Zone! Alternative Hits... 80's and 90's. Will this be an improvement? Not sure.

94.5 The Buzz KTBZ is one of the top alternative stations in the country believe it or not. Guess Cox believes going after a similar alternative format can't hurt. Good luck with that.

And isn't another station in town already doing this? What about 103.7 FM Houston's Adult Alternative KHJK-FM? I'll admit it is almost impossible to pick this station up in Houston (go to Beaumont to hear it), but it actually just did win best radio station from The Houston Press. 103.7 even has some Buzzworthy cred with Steve Robison who was on 107.5/94.5 The Buzz in the past.

What's funny about the timing is I was jamming to New Order one day this weekend with a friend. I was telling him I was surprised there is no classic alternative station on air here. You can find that format on the Internet and Sirius XM (1st Wave). We'll see if Houston's 106.9 The Zone! Alternative Hits... 80's and 90's matches these formats. Considering the station told radio-info it will play, "alternative-gold format stars artists such as U2, Pearl Jam, Green Day, R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers and Matchbox 20" I'm guessing no.

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