Friday, January 08, 2010

New Steve Robison morning show on 103.7FM Houston’s Adult Alternative KHJK-FM

103.7FM Houston’s Adult Alternative – KHJK-FM let me know that afternoon guy Steve Robison is heading back to the mornings this Monday just like when he was on 94.5 The Buzz KTBZ. Houston DJ veteran Donna McKenzie takes afternoons:

103.7FM is bringing Steve Robison BACK to Am Drive in the Houston Market. For over 8 years, Steve entertained us with his clever wit and sarcastic prowess in Houston AM Drive Radio...and he will again! Steve's morning expertise can be heard on 103.7 FM weekdays from 6a-10a.

That leads to the question who will take over for Steve in PM Drive?

A 20 year veteran of the Houston airwaves will be! Donna McKenzie will be heard weekdays from 2p-6p. Donna McKenzie's unmistakably smooth, "easy on the ears" voice and warm relatable style have made her one of the most successful and recognizable radio personalities in Houston.

- Goodbye Jack FM, welcome 103.7 FM Houston's Adult Alternative
- Donna McKenzie is on 103.7 JACK FM KHJK

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  1. 103.7fm jack and all those so called adult alternative stations have not worked. Remember ZRock? 97 Rock? What about the best one of all 106.9 the Planet.. It was the first Bob fm type station in Houston and independent and played 60s 70s 80s 90s music. It was an awesome radio station and it was the best of all of them but as Houston radio sucks and you have to be a redneck, mexican, or rap music lover, *none of the stations were* then you wont make it in the Detroit of Texas, aka Houston.


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